Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Milk and Cookies

Okay, so this is one of those collections that you HAVE to have in your hot little hands to fully appreciate. It goes together SO easily and I just LOVE IT. It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a card trio that makes me so happy. 

 This card was so much fun to make for me. It was one of those that had some inspiration behind it and then I just started cutting away and adding bits here and there. I really wanted to showcase some of the adorable patterned papers. 

I grabbed this fabulous Traditions sticker off of the This and That sticker sheet as well as the arrows that I used as corner pieces. If you know me then you know how I feel about shaped sprinkles and how I cannot get enough of them. I HAD to get that adorable gingerbread man on there and the cookies and hearts - how cute are those!?   

 I tied the doodle twine around the top and then glued the whole thing down. I actually pulled the whole thing up to add the doily. It was an afterthought that became the element that brought together the next two cards!

doodles used:

Santa's Hungry
This is a mini card that comes in the create a card Christmas assortment. I put another doily down and then the red and white border came from an odds and ends acrylic piece!

How cute is that doodle-pop? Santa visit was just too cute to leave in his packaging. I looked over and saw on the front of the 6x6 paper pad that they had santa in his chair with a glass of milk and a cookie in his hand so I just grabbed them off of the shape sprinkles package and added them. Done! Voila!

Look at the depth of those doodle-pops! They are so 3-D in real life! 

doodles used:
create a card christmas assortment (5738)
doodle pop: santa visit (5760)
odds and ends: milk and cookies (5766)
shape sprinkles: milk and cookies (5753)
mini doilie in lily white (4605)

Mrs. Claus is Baking
I mean, isn't she darling!? Again, these patterned papers were just too cute not to showcase. I picked three that were darling together and then added the red and white striped "belt".

This milk jug is just sooo 80's but 80's darling and I love whisks... like I have 4 and have to restrain myself from buying new ones so I just had to get it in here along with a couple more cookies. 

I added a spoon to Mrs. Claus and some shape sprinkle hearts to the sentiment piece which came off of the this and that sticker sheet. I tucked two halves of a doily behind the sentiment to finish it off.

doodles used:
6x6 paper pad: milk and cookies (5806)
this and that (5776)
shape sprinkles: sugarplums (5754)
icons (5774)
mini doilie in lily white (4605)

I hope this inspires you to start your Christmas card and that you will run right out to grab some of this fabulous and fun Milk and Cookies collection before it is gone! 


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Isn't this collection ADORABLE!?!? No one does Halloween like Doodlebug. They make spiders and ghosts and all things spooky sooooooo cute! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a couple of cute and quick cards for Halloween fun!

Okay, are you READY for this!? I was moving houses... but then the move got delayed for over a month.. so we were couch-surfing with three children... and I had literally nothing to craft with... So I borrowed my friend's scissors and her scotch tape (I kid you not) and went to work! This was my own personal challenge and I had a blast (and a few frustrations of course). 

The card bases are from the create-a-card halloween assortment. Aren't they fun!? I had another one planned but couldn't quite complete it before I had to write this post. boo. (haha. get it!?)

I cut out the black with pumpkin panel from the 6x6 paper pad on the sheet with the small squares and awesome sayings (see sentiment as well). My biggest frustration during this process: not having foam dots. I wanted to pop this panel so much!

The pumpkins on the side and the black cat (how cute is that cat!!!??) came from the mini icons (LOVE). The gorgeous shiny candy corn is a shaped sprinkle and the dots came from the halloween treats sprinkles and the halloween assortment glitter sprinkles

For my second card I really wanted some doodle pops on there. But truthfully I started with those adorable spiders!!!! 

I wanted to get that acrylic spider web in there (I mean, seriously!!!) and I used rolled up scotch tape behind the spiders to stick it down (yep!). 

Then I added the spiders and drew spider web lines down to them. 

Lastly I created my little scene at the bottom with the adorable doodle-pop couple and their rainbow heart (from this and that) showing their love. swoon. haha. :) 

Thank you for hanging out with me (and the spiders) today! We would LOVE for you to share with us on our Facebook page what YOU have created with Booville!!!!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Off the Page - Cupcake Holders and Toppers

Hello everyone and welcome to our Off the Page Challenge here at doodlebug design! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts showing you how I jazzed up some cupcakes for my daughter's 5th birthday party.

I used a cupcake holder cut file and cut it quite a few times. I loved the way the stars were cut out and added some personality to the cupcake holders.

The real star of this display were the odds and ends though! Aren't they darling!? I just hot glued them to some toothpicks and pushed them in.

I tried to place the tooth pics so most of the rainbow stars would just be shooting out of the cupcakes. :)

She loved them and so did the guests and it was really a quick project!

I hope you are all enjoying this special challenge and find some time to make something today!

doodlebug: fairy tales: rainbow ribbons (5635)
doodlebug: fairy tales: rainbow love (5641)
doodlebug: fairy tales: fairy fetti (5637)
doodlebug: fairy tales: odds and ends (5598)


Monday, August 14, 2017

Stitching Challenge!!!!

So I was reallllllly excited about this challenge... and then I sat down... and drew a blank. Does that ever happen to you? Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with some inspiration for YOU hopefully! tee hee.

I actually got my inspiration from the cover of the doodlebug catalogue. 

I love the vertical rainbow on the front and it always gets me really excited to keep scrolling through or turning the pages to oodle over new adorable products.

I had been hoarding this adorable glitter unicorn for a while now and really wanted to make it the star of a card all by itself but nothing had suited. This was the perfect time for the two to really shine: the twine and the unicorn. I loved that it came with those adorable sparkle stars too!

The balloon card seemed obvious but I had only glued down my twine without stitching it in and have been wanting to try a stitched balloon tail for a while now. I was happy to try this one and realllllly liked the results because there is a different texture to it when you stitch it in.

I only had the blue balloon there at first and then added in the other two later. 

The stars were left over from the doodle-pop that I used on the unicorn card. Waste not, want not. :)

doodle twine used:
ladybug (2988)
bubblegum (2987)
tangerine (2989)
bumblebee (3208)
limeade (2990)
blue jean (3207)
doodlebug: fairy tales: doodle-pops: unicorn (5577)
doodlebug: fairy tales: odds and ends (5598)


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Odds and Ends Challenge

Hello everyone! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a couple of cards really showcasing the AWESOME Odds and Ends!

I chose some super fun critters and wanted all of these friends to hang out together. 

I kept my background really simple, but with texture (you'll get a close up in a minute) and did some paint splattering and embossing using a stencil and some embossing paste.

The goal of using a long and skinny card was to get as many friends on there as possible. 

I added some of the shape sprinkle leaves here and there to add some extra dimension and I popped all of my zoo animals.

I grabbed this little blue bird sticker from waaaayyy back and added it to the top of the turtle shell. It just seemed to me that the turtle wanted to carry a friend on his back.

I always say that I LOVE the details that doodlebug does. Did you notice the striping on the parrot's feathers? Also, I grabbed the happy birthday phrase from the 12x12 paper named elephant parade. I LOVE all the sentiments that get tucked in there!

Here is that close up that I promised you. It is really tough to show in photographs but it is clear embossing paste in a star pattern.

Here is my second darling card where I wanted to make kind of a totem pole of adorable zoo critters.

Okay, so here is a funny story... I got ALL the way done and stamped a sentiment on the bottom.... and my stamping came out terrible... so.... I cut out this sentiment from the 6x6 paper pad and just popped it right on top! whammo! shhhh... don't tell.

Isn't this tiger darling? I only popped the tiger here and I tucked a few of the leaves from the odds and ends pack behind him and added a matte sprinkle for some emphasis. 

Mr. Monkey, how your cross hatching on your tummy thrills me. I handed him a shape sprinkle banana because he looked hungry and the smiling banana has me smiling too!

There are SOOO many odds and ends that you get with each pack. It is an incredible value. There are 73 in this package! I hope you pick some up and make a bunch of things too!

at the zoo: elephant parade double sided cardstock (5658)
at the zoo: odds and ends (5600)
at the zoo: shape sprinkles: zoo friends (5554)
at the zoo: shape sprinkles: jungle leaves (5555)
at the zoo: matte sprinkles (5546)
at the zoo: 6x6 paper pad (5691)


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Barcelona Toes

Hi everyone! If you have been following along you know we teamed up with the fabulous Becky Fleck from Page Maps and were provided with some awesome sketches for July! Here was mine. Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a ... now don't keel over from shock ... a layout! 
I stayed really true to the sketch and used it as my beginner's diving board and just launched myself into the deep end of scrapbooking!

 We had this AMAZING time in Barcelona last year and I just had to capture the first moment that the girls put their feet in the Mediterranean Sea. 

 I wanted to keep the button elements from the sketch as I thought they were darling and the heart element on the photo mat. 

This little heart was the cut out of the photo mat and the sun and clouds were from the odds and ends in the Spring Things collection.

Again, what I love is that doodlebug's colors are the same across collections. This made it super fun to pull out elements from all kinds of places. The cloud and background patterned papers are from the Dragon Tails collection! Aren't the pebbles darling? Also, see that ribbon loop? Don't forget about it. :)

I wanted to keep those two stitched lines in there as well. They were my very last addition to the layout but I think it pulled the title into the rest of the page. 

I kept the top left button in place but I moved the other button bottom right. Like I said I really kept to the sketch. :) When they are good I realized through this process that it really makes scrapbooking "easy".

Did you remember that ribbon loop I was telling you about? Hidden journaling is "in" right now so I thought I would give it a try. The journaling notebook sheet is from the same odds and ends pack in the Spring Things collection

Is anyone else out there self conscious about their handwriting?! Knowing this was going onto the blog had me sweating in my boots! LOL.

 I hope you enjoyed this layout and that you use some of these sketches to make awesome layouts of your own! We cannot wait to see them!