Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flea Market!

Hello!!!! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with some more Flea Market love.

Thank You Card
So, this might be my favorite card that I have ever made - and that is saying something.

The cute little mouse and the spool of thread were my first bit of inspiration.

Then the little marbles... so I had to get quite a one of those on there.

I grabbed the sentiment from the 6x6 paper pad and.... I adhered all of those onto a layer.... that.... I cut too small... yes, seriously. I was going to make this a white on white layering with a blank white background but once I cut it too small I almost cried - like for real. You know when you have one of those days where everything is going wrong and all three kids are going bazerko and you should really be making dinner but you just want to finish a card and then you cut it too small? yep. BUT as I hung my head in between my knees at my mistake my (just turned) 4 year old comes up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me, "It's okay momma. We'll fix it." I ask her, "Should we put some patterned paper behind it?" YES she exclaims and then we look through the 6x6 paper pad together. She is SURE that I should put the jars behind it. I hem and haw... and then... she is totally right. Her little feathers are fluffed, mommy is so thankful and we had an awesome bonding experience and she wanted to make more cards - for days. :) Inspiration can come from the smallest places.

doodlebug: flea market: 6x6 paper pad (5406)
doodlebug: flea market: icons (5355)
doodlebug: flea market: shape sprinkles: fall leaves (5316)
doodlebug: doodle twine: bumblebee (3208)

Here is our family's September calendar. It's going to get a lot crazier, but for now, this is it. :)

This was my super fun way to use the cute clips. I just used my utility knife to cut little slits in the calendar and tucked the paper clip behind. So fun! I will definitely be doing this again!

That fox!!!!

This was such a fun little scene to put together. I really wanted to use that darling truck and put a pumpkin in the back. The fancy frill from the This and That made the perfect contrasting element and then all the elements below came from the Odds and Ends. I love that script! 

doodlebug: flea market: matte sprinkles: fall assortment (5313)
doodlebug: flea market: shape sprinkles: fall leaves (5316)
doodlebug: flea market: mini doodle-pops: classic cameras (5335)
doodlebug: flea market: mini doodle-pops: autumn leaves (5334)
doodlebug: flea market: cute clips: flowers (5347)
doodlebug: flea market: cute clips: leaves and acorns (5346)
doodlebug: flea market: odds and ends (5352)
doodlebug: flea market: icons (5355)
doodlebug: flea market: this and that (5358)
doodlebug: daily doodles: limeade calendar (4931)
doodlebug: daily doodles: lily white months (4938)
I needed something fresh and new. I am not a "bold color/patterns" person really but these washi tapes were ALL amazing and I just felt mean leaving one out. So I just started at the top and worked my way down.

I eyeballed the whole thing making the washi tape line up against itself. It turned out surprisingly straight. I love it. I'm going to switch it up with the Boos and Brews washi tape for Halloween and then do Christmas too. But I am probably going to do patterns next time or lay down a foundation and then put stickers over it. As the washi tape wont "stick" to your computer, you can add as much on top of it as you want. I am planning on putting the green woodgrain on the bottom and clouds on top and making a scene! Stoked. Christmas' scene is going to be out of control. :)

doodlebug: flea market: washi tape: fernwood (3990)
doodlebug: flea market: washi tape: woodland berries (4788)
doodlebug: flea market: washi tape: fall flurry (5322)
doodlebug: flea market: washi tape: cloud nine (5323)
doodlebug: flea market: washi tape: flower garden (5324)

Thanks for hanging out with me today. This might be my favorite doodlebug collection ever (did I say that!? It's like picking a favorite child!!!!) Check it out.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Lori Whitlock's Creative Team Blog Hop!

You should have gotten here from Kathy's blog! If you didn't, start HERE at the Lori Whitlock blog to start all the fun! :)

Hello everyone!!!! I couldn't resist whipping out these amazing 3-d pumpkins! Did you know they were boxes!?!? I didn't! I am thrilled!

These are the leaves and curly cues that come with the cut files. I paired the boxes with some dark brown raffia. The big box is pretty sizable. I am thinking of storing pencils or pens in it for fall!

The glitter cardstock I used for the top was the perfect way to add some sparkle. These boxes made it about 30 seconds before my girls found them! They love them!!!

Here is your free file for today and coupon codes! :)

Now head on over to Anita's blog! But before you go, enter into this rafflecopter giveaway!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ding Dong Wedding Bells

It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here! For this card I used three cut files, embossed, and did a little stamping. :)

I arranged the cut files on my screen so that they would be appropriately placed and colored according to my patterned paper I was using. 

I had to rearrange the words so that they all fit on my background and then I switched them to "write" instead of cut. 

Lastly I "attached" them all to the background cut so that it would cut and write together.

For the front of the card I used the Flourish Frame Set and sized it to take up the whole front of the card. Then I cut everything out.

I embossed the front of the card to give the black background a little "punch" and elegance. 

I felt like it needed a little "dressing up". Stamps and enamel dots to the rescue! :)  

I stamped the flower decor onto the cake in a matching pink. Then I stamped the bird onto the tux with watermark ink and I stamped the heart flourish onto the dress and used embossing powder to set it and to bring the grey from the background onto the dress. 

Check out how awesomely these stamp!

That is it! I really designed the whole thing on my computer and just cut it out and put it together. I love that. Because I can design it anywhere (like while watching a movie) and then I just whip it out!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and it inspires you to combine multiple cut files into something even better!

Lori Whitlock Store:
A2 Pop-up Card Wedding
Flourish Frame Set
Wedding Script Words

Silhouette Store:
A2 Pop-up Card Wedding
Flourish Frame Set
Wedding Script Words
Echo Park Paper: Petticoats and Pinstripes: Petticoats Collection (paper, stamps, and enamel dots)
Carta Bella Cardstock: Black Felt


Friday, September 2, 2016

Doodlebug: some serious Puppy Love.

Woof woof! It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here today with some really fun personalized cards. 

I'm in the Doghouse
 This one was super fun. I saw the phrase and I knew it was probably meant for some adorable doggy-shaming layout but I thought... welp, I could use this phrase as a "just in case" card! I screw up all the time and this would be a fun way to make it humorous. :) 

I started out with this strip of paper and frill at the bottom of the card and added the cute clips. I really wanted them to be the stars of the show.

I built the card up after that and added a chunky twine bow and a tennis ball hidden behind. How cute are these enamel shapes?!? I also added a skewed dog bone at the top of the house for decoration. 

LOVING these new phrases on the this and that sheets. And check out Huey the doodle-pop... SOOO cute!

doodlebug: puppy love: 6x6 paper pad (5299)
doodlebug: puppy love: this and that (5251)
doodlebug: puppy love: shaped sprinkles: puppy play (5212)
doodlebug: puppy love: doodle-pops: huey's house (5236)
doodlebug: puppy love: cute clips: puppies (5241)
doodlebug: puppy love: cute clips: bones (5242)
doodlebug: chunky twine: ladybug (4806)

I was in die-cut heaven! Most everything on this card was from the new Odd's and Ends. Love them. 

I stamped my sentiment on the die cut doggy bone and added some enamel paw prints and matte sprinkles. I love the colors in this collection!

doodlebug: puppy love: 6x6 paper pad (5299)
doodlebug: puppy love: shaped sprinkles: puppy play (5212)
doodlebug: puppy love: odds and ends (5245)
doodlebug: puppy love: matte sprinkles: dog assortment (5206)

Sorry about Greta
Our neighbor has to put down her dog this week and we thought it would be nice to make her a card to cheer her up. It's so tough to put our furfamily members down. :( 

Loving this little "Sparky" doodle-pop and the fancy frill on the background. I think it adds so much depth. I grabbed one of the Tags and Labels and I have to admit that this heart paper is my new favorite doodlebug print. SOOO cute! 

doodlebug: puppy love: 6x6 paper pad (5299)
doodlebug: puppy love: icons (5248)
doodlebug: puppy love: shaped sprinkles: puppy love (5211)
doodlebug: puppy love: this and that (5251)
doodlebug: puppy love: cute clips: bones (5242)
doodlebug: puppy love: doodle-pops: sparky (5233)
doodlebug: puppy love: labels and tags: puppy love tags (5287)
doodlebug: chunky twine: bon bon (4814)
doodlebug: trio rub-ons: bon bon (3448)

Thatttttt's it for today! I hope this inspires you to grab some of the new Puppy Love collection! The colors and images are TOOO darling! 


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clip Up Photo Board: Kid's Project

Kid's crafts week!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here!

I was really excited to pick one of the (all too many) projects that I have had to my head to do with my little humans. They LOVE doodlebug washi tape maybe more than anyone on earth. I am surprisingly stingy with it so when I brought 48 rolls of washi tape out and told them we were going to play with it... needless to say they were STOKED. 

I used to have a banner with their direct family and godparents on it in their room. They loved it and it was a way to keep them close. It was cute but it didn't hold that many people and it was now really outdated. So I printed out these little 2x2 pictures and went to work. 

They LOVED this Kitten Smitten collection so I knew it was the one to use. First they helped me cover the clothes pins (no joke, they did some themselves at 2.5 and 4 (she just turned 4 last week!)). They are very detail oriented little humans. 

Then I put all the small die cuts from the Odds and Ends out on the table and they got to choose which ones to put on the clothespins (and the orientation of the die cuts). I adhered the die cuts with dimensional foam tape and they were VERY proud of their creations.

Check out my oldest. She just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. This was her idea for a photo shot... I think I see a next generation doodlebug!

Next it was time for adult help. I cut the 2x2 pictures apart (I print them out as a 4x6 photo) and there were already 4 perfect polaroid frames in the Odds and Ends. I used those first and attached the pictures to the back of the frames using washi tape. The bottom right one in this picture - the pink hearts is one of those die cuts that comes in the Odds and Ends.

After that I found a polaroid frame in my Silhouette arsenal of die cuts, resized them to fit, and I arranged it so that three or four were in each 6x6 inch quadrant. I put the four patterned papers from the 6x6 paper pad in the four quadrants and so I was able to cut them all in one pass. YES! 

Lastly I had this board in the kitchen and I added all the photos to the wire. I added the "family" using chippers in swimming pool.

This would also be super cute on one of those chicken wire frames or simply by getting an empty photo frame and stringing twine across it. CA-UTE!

doodlebug: washi tape: scallop assortment (4800)
doodlebug: washi tape: gingham assortment (4803)
doodlebug: washi tape: dot assortment (4802)
doodlebug: washi tape: stripe assortment (4801)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: 6x6 paper pad (5298)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: odds and ends (5244)
doodlebug: chippers: swimming pool (4515)