Sunday, July 3, 2011

Headbands for twins!

I made some headbands for the cutest twins! They are just past one and are just starting to really have some hair. They have always had hair, but just not enough to hold a clip, so I bought some thick headbands and went to decorating them using my Imaginisce goodies! 

Since the girls are identical twins, I wanted to keep them similar but make them slightly different. You might remember the banners I made HERE to go above their cribs.. So staying with that theme, I made the crystals on Kylie's headband purple and then clear and both of Alyssa's have pink. 

The bottom one is the one that has light pink.

Just in case you needed a reminder of the sweet girls:

i-bond™ (cordless glue gun)
i-rock by Imaginisce
Hot Rocks Compact in Pink, Black, and Clear
Hot Rocks Compact in Jewel
Hot Rocks Compact in Glitter
Fabric Roly Rosies in Denim, Neutrals, and Pinks

 I can't wait to get pictures back with the headbands on! :) 



Carol said...

Beautiful headbands for two beautiful girls, TFS

TenSGal said...

Those are just adorable...those precious girls will just be the cutest wearing those!

Cyndi said...

I love these. I really like the crystals on the bands. How pretty!

Emily said...

Those headbands are so cute and the picture of the girls is darling :)

gshrader said...

Adorable headbands!!!

Wanda said...

Oh how cute they are! Ummm I talking about the head bands first. LOL I love them.. You did such a great job! The twins are so adorable too.. I can't believe how big they are getting. Give them a big hug from me! Huggles!!!

artfuldelight said...

Cute headbands and those girls are ADORABLE!! You need to post a pic of them wearing the headbands. :-)

Anonymous said...

We just got back into town and I saw this! Oh boy, I can't wait to get them now. I'll be sure to pass along some pictures of them enjoying them!

Cristi said...

Oh so cute, both the twins and your headbands. :)
Big hugs

June Houck said...

Super duper cute kiddos; they will be gorgeous with your pretty head bands!

The Inked Stamper said...

Your head bands are gorgeous and so are the twins! I have identical twin boys, and I loved it when people made them hand made gift!