Thursday, July 21, 2011

The lovely friends people I had the privilege of seeing at CHA.

Some more pictures of people and I from the two days at the CHA trade show:

Bridget from Imaginisce and myself. She is so super sweet! 

Watch this sequence of events... This was hilarious. Jill (THE Jill from Jillibean Soup is on the left side of the picture and LOVELY Kimber is on the right hand side of the picture. I would love to think I could call these ladies friends after my short experience with them! They are just the sweetest, kindest, funniest group!)

 Watch the lovely lady on the left coming in for the photo-bomb... She is also a Jillibean Designer - I think her name is Summer - or Samantha. Oh, I'm sorry for forgetting! 

And of course the super generous, talented, and wonderful men of Echo Park! 

I also got to spend some time with the most fabulous designer of Provo Craft Cartridges (in my humble opinion) Brandon. But somehow we didn't get a picture together!

Cameron was super nice as well! Jill and Sue were there helping with gorgeously designed projects and of course Jinger is always the sweetest! 

I am not going to CHA today - but I will be going to the supershow with my best friend Kourt tomorrow! :) SO exited she is flying in for that! Time to shop! 

Tonight we are going to a restaurant named Avec in Chicago and then going to the Signature Room at the Hancock Tower for drinks - I have never come to Chicago without going to the Hancock tower for drinks - prettiest view from a women's restroom EVER! haha. 



CraftyShell said...

Looks like your having a blast!

June Houck said...

You are so precious. Thank you for sharing your fun with us!!!

DIANA L. said...

You look like you are having fun! I wish I could be there.
Thanks for all the great pic's it is kind of like being there.


Cricutbug - Marie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Would love to be there and meet you and all these wonderful people. TFS

Trell said...

So happy you're having a great time! Chicago is like my FAVORITE city, and I so wish I was there. Is CHA at the McCormick center?

And you have the most infectious smile I think I've encountered!

Melanie Makes said...

Love visiting Chicago, looks like you're enjoying it too.

Kimber McGray said...

Courtney it was great to meet you! :)

readysetstamp said...

That looks like so much fun Court! One day I want to make it to a CHA. I am hoping for CA!! I love the cards you have been making lately too!!! So cute!! XOXO, Julie. :0)

Emily said...

Great pics! Looks like fun! Hope you found some good things while shopping :)

Crafty Starkie said...

Congrats on being on the pink design team! Yay! You have great talent! I look forward to seeing your future carfty fun!

gram7creator said...

I was scheduled to go and was looking forward to meeting you. You have been so nice to me this last year and I love your stuff, BUT for family reasons had to cancel last week.
Soo sad :( Vicki G.