Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Little Bicycle, May Arts, AND Xyron?!? It's a match made in Heaven.

I had SUCH a great time designing with these FABULOUS products from May Arts, Little Yellow Bicycle, and of course Xyron. Thank you so much for sending them our way! 

All three blogs have giveaways going so that you can also design with this fabby product - that is a LOT of chances to win. Click on the links to the blogs at the bottom of this post to go check it out! :)

Instructions for Posy card:
1. Cut an A2 card base
2. Cut a 4"x5.25" white layer.
3. Using your Mega Runner and the .5" wide adhesive, run a strip of adhesive down either side of the back of your layer. 
4. Using the clear acetate that the burlap stickers come on, arrange the stickers how you want them to go on the acetate. Place over layer.
5. Using the acetate with the stickers as a template, slide the ribbon underneath the acetate layer and adhere to the back of the card on the adhesive. This will ensure proper placement so you can just lay the stickers down later. Repeat for all three ribbons.
6. Remove stickers from acetate and place down on the ribbon layers just how you liked it. :)
7. Add foam dimensional adhesive that you made with the 9" Creative Station to the back of the layer. You will be able to cut it into long thin strips so the layer is stable. Add a few small pieces in the middle  to make sure it stays up properly and doesn't sink in the middle.
8. Add Little Yellow Bicycle sticker to the front. 

 Hello Doggy!
Tips and tricks:
1. Play with the bow a lot that goes around the neck of the dog. May Arts Ribbon is FANTASTIC for tying bows. You want a tiny bow with he snake tongue edges so that it gives it character.
2. The burlap tree with the buttons gives this card both dimension and texture. Ideal.
3. There was a different little sign that said "Pooch" where the "Hello" is. I simply replaced the die cut with that sticker and it gave it both color and more character.
4. I debated cutting the decorative printed edge that is on the yellow layer. I decided to leave it on for extra pizzaz. In retrospect, the card is a little "right side heavy" and while I originally wanted the decorative edge to "open up" into the card, I think I would have placed it on the left side for balance.
5. I used this ribbon to kind of look like a road on the bottom. Just a thought! :) 
6. Run all of your little pieces through the 9" Creative Station so that when you go to put it together, it makes it a breeze!

Little Yellow Bicycle: Poppy
Little Yellow Bicycle: Poppy Cardstock Stickers in Fresh Verse™
Little Yellow Bicycle: Naturals: Layered Burlap Stickers: Nature™ (tree)
Little Yellow Bicycle: Naturals: Layered Burlap Stickers: Posy
May Arts Ribbon
Xyron: Mega Runner
Xyron: 9" Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive™

Don't forget to check out the company blogs below to see what they are giving away and the other inspiration!!!


Monday, June 24, 2013

My Creative Time - Scrapping the Little Things - SUMMER! :)

Emmaline LOVES to swim! She had SUCH a great time this day.

My Creative Time has another Scrapping the Little Things today. Check it out here.

Also, don't forget about the challenge going on right now: BLING! :)

I'm so sorry this pic is so terrible! I will re-shoot it tomorrow and insert it into this spot. :( That's what I get for scrapping at night!

MCT: Stitched Fun Ticket Dies
MCT: Stitched Restroom Peeps Dies
MCT: Stitched Mini Frame & Arrow Dies


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shop Pumpkin Spice - Light bulb tag

This is WAYYYY late, but I wanted to get something posted! :)

MME: The Sweetest Thing: Lavender "Fabulous" Berries Paper (white)
MME: The Sweetest Thing: Honey "Happiness" Cheerful Paper (grey)
MME: The Sweetest Thing: Honey "Simply Lovely" Damask Paper (yellow)
My Creative Time: You're Brilliant stamp set with coordinating die
My Creative Time: Just Tags Dies
Xyron: Mega Runner
Xyron: Foam Dimensional Tape made from the 9" Creative Station


Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Creative Time - Blinged out challenge! :) I'm back!

So, we got back on Monday evening. Went to sleep, woke up jet-lagged for the movers who arrived at 8am. Moved all the stuff in (it took 7 hours as all of our stuff was in three locations). Fell asleep. Woke up jet-lagged (why is it again that you cannot tell a 10 month old that they are ACTUALLY on the WRONG time schedule now and need to change immediately so her parents can sleep.?. ;) ) Had the hard wood floors guy finish. Contractors finished. Scrap metal hitting our car on the way home from the airport and needs a replacement part now: check. Drama with the house: check. Driver's license expired on my birthday a week ago necessitating a trip to the DMV: check. Dryer is gas and not electric so I needed to buy a new dryer: check. New fridge bought and delivered: check (there was none here). New dishwasher bought and will be installed on Saturday (it leaks - yay) check.... whew! 

All of that is to say that I am SOOOOOO glad to have gotten to take 40 minutes today and whip this card out for My Creative Time! I scrapped on the floor and couldn't find anything but it didn't matter. I'm BACK!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

Paper: My Mind's Eye and Jillibean Soup
Bling: i-rock and glam rocks in glitter! 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blinging out my iPad mini with Imaginisce!

I finally got to use this iron on design with my mini iron by Imaginisce! I got both items while on the DT and was waiting for something special. 

Note: if you start ironing on, take the cover OFF the iPad before ironing.... I almost forgot. I started to iron, realized it and yanked it off! The screen was hot, but no damage was done. whew. 

I am having an amazing time in Europe! I cannot wait to get back into my craft room though!!! Better hold onto your hats because when I get back I will hit the ground running with projects and I have another huge set of giveaways! Stay tuned! :)