Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ABC Flip Book using Teacher's Pet

Hello everyone! This is Courtney Lee from Courts Crafts here with an alphabet project using the brand new collection Teacher’s Pet!!! Were you the teacher’s pet? I admit it… I totally was. 

I was SO inspired by this sheet of alphabet paper! Emmaline is about to turn 3 and she is working on her alphabet. I thought - what better way to teach her? She LOVES flipping through this and we now have a “letter of the day” that we are working on. We flip to the letter in the morning and I try to think of ways to incorporate it into our day! If your kids are too old for this project, it would also make a great baby shower gift! 

It was a little hard to choose my “favorites” out of the 26 letters to show you but here are eight of them. I only used the stickers and dies that came with the collection to do my whole alphabet. It was amazing how much fun it was to find the different picture representations for words that started with the current letters.

P is for paper clip, paper airplane, and penguin. I also wanted her to find the letters in the words so I incorporated them as well. If you look on the “F” page you can see that once she gets more advanced I wanted her to know that “4” and “5” also start with “F”. 

I grabbed the crayon die from the Create Art Die Set to add to the “C” page. When she got to it she immediately yelled in delight, “C is for crayon!!!” It was kind of darling. I used the alphas to create some words like, “ruler” and I worked in background shapes like the school house for “S”.

Okay, okay, so I could just just stop there. Here is a 9th. “L” is for “Lion”, “Lunch box”, and “Lunch”. I had such a great time creating this project that I hope all three of my children will enjoy when it comes time to learn their alphabets. Who knows! It may even become a family heirloom that brings them all fond memories of family time together. One can hope. :) 

Thank you for spending time with me today Echo Park fans! Pick up this Teachers Pet collection. It’s quite darling. DEFINITELY check out the bookmark paper. I simply cut them apart and added names and laminated them as is. My girls are LOVING putting the in their books!

Ribbon (I used May Arts Ribbon)
Hole Punch
Washi Tape

Photo Stand