Thursday, December 29, 2016

Creating a Focal Point

Hello Lori Whitlock fans!!!!!! Today is my short tutorial on focal points. This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here using two of Lori's cut files and her awesome "I Love Family" collection for Echo Park Paper to make a birthday card for my dad!
There is this "rule of the triangle" in crafting that is supposed to draw your viewer to whatever your focal point is: your sentiment on a card perhaps or the picture on a scrapbook page. So when I am designing I remember this "rule" but like they say in Pirates of the Carribean™ "They are more like guidelines anyway." This one works for the triangle example though.
I created this look by doing four things to get my focal point across.
  1. First, I cut the smallest hole layer out of a lighter colored cardstock. This was actually a mistake. I meant to cut the most outside layer out of the white tone one tone paper, but I REALLY liked it afterwards. Score!
2. I used my sewing machine to create an "X" behind my sentiment but where you could still see it. This is the real "star" of creating the focal point on this card.
3. I used three enamel dots (tone on tone) to surround my sentiment. This isn't a super noticeable addition but your brain notices it in the subconscious level and it draws the eye in.
4.  I used a contrasting color and a dark color for my sentiment. So the contrasting color to blue is orange and the dark is against the light background.
The "point" of the triangle is the top of these balloons. This was the VERY first cut file that I downloaded from Lori when I got on the Design Team. I LOVE these balloons and I am kind of a balloon cut file connoisseur. ;)
So there it is! In all of it's glory! It's one of those super simple cards that comes together very quickly but looks uber professional in real life. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today on creating a focal point and I hope you have a VERY merry New Year!!!!!!!
Cut Files in Lori Whitlock's Store (Cricut AND Silhouette users)
Birthday Balloons
A2 Stacking Card Dot Base
Cut Files in Silhouette Store (Silhouette users only)
Birthday Balloons
A2 Stacking Card Dot Base


Monday, December 19, 2016

Frosty was picking his nose....

Hi all! It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with our meme challenge! So, funny story, I called it a "me me" for the longest time. I was hanging out with some friends and said, "I saw this me me thing..." and they couldn't figure out what I was talking about and then cracked up at how "old" I was when I was saying it incorrectly! meeeeeme meeeme why isn't it spelled meam? Anywhoozers... :)

In our household of kids aged 4, 2.5, and 11 months "don't pick your nose" is a common phrase.. I usually say, "Do you need a tissue?" ... but I had JUST said it when I scrolled through and saw this and I burst out laughing. My grandma has a funny sense of humor and I just knew she would think this is too funny.

I made this little card from a Lori Whitlock snow globe cut file and then sized the Doodlebug snowman cut file to fit over it.

The magic is in the details of this card which did not photograph well. boo. I hate it when that happens. Frosty's hat has snow texture on it and it is super poofy! 

I embossed all three layers and spritzed it with a glitter mist that would not show up for my pictures despite the 30 I took from all kinds of angles! If you could have seen me you would have been cracking up. Anywho, I also used my pearl pen on the snowflakes which gave it another great kind of shine. 

I had the Cricut print and write this piece so that I didn't have to use rub-ons. I know she'll love it. 

This was kind of my "bonus card" in that I was just playing too late at night with some different techniques. The background has a glitter raised embossing paste snowflakes on it and I wove twine through the doily to create a focus for the busy background. It was still inspired by the same meme and both projects were done using Polar Pals. It is one of my favorite collections by Doodlebug ever. I love the purple mixed in and the prints are amazing! 



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Door Hanger Countdown

Hi Doodlebug lovers!!!! I have been wanting to make this for two years and these ADORABLE papers were just the thing to make me do it! And I am SOOOO glad I did! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a fun project that works for both home as well as a neighbor gift! 

This is currently on my daughters' door to their room. Here is my second daughter: Charlotte Rose (2.5) checking it out as I was trying to take pictures! :) 

There is this AWESOME sheet of 12x12 paper in this collection which has ALL 25 days on it! I just cut it into squares!

 I didn't decorate mine further (not that it needs it; but I love to add sprinkles or dimension) because I am going to laminate these little cards so they hold up over years and years of tiny human holding. :)

All of the days fit into the little box on the front so it is perfect and I don't have to worry about them getting lost or storing them someplace else. 

Here it is with one of the squares on the front... CA-ute!!!!! And you could also put little treats in this box for your kids or have it overflowing with candy canes as a neighbor gift, etc! 

 Aren't the pictures cute? And since they are all from one collection, ALL of them "match"! LOVE!

I used some of the trio rub ons to write the sentiment and added the cutest holly berries shaped sprinkle to the front. The cute mini clothespins are doodlebug too! Could you imagine coming home to find this on your door? I would LOVE it!

Doodlebug Recipe:

Door Box Silhouette File:
I grabbed this file from the Silhouette store ages ago and it has been waiting for the perfect occasion! 


Monday, December 5, 2016

Tree Snow Globe Card

Good morning Lori Whitlock fans! It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with another one of Lori's snow globe pop dot cards.
I cannot get enough of these! I think they are just SO beautiful! I used Lori's I love Christmas collection for Echo Park for this card. It's it classic!?!
I thought I would show you a side view with the depth. it's really pretty. I feel like I can get lost in these snowglobe scenes.

So far I have made two of these but I just love them!!! Click on the links below to pick up some from yourself and share your creations with us! We love to see them!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here today with a box card tutorial!

One of these tabs is not like the other. It doesn't have scoring marks on it. Don't fold it... You can see that I started to this time! eek! But it needs to stay straight. That is your back piece. Do not assemble the box part. It is so much easier to add the piece while it is flat.

I like to start by adding the panel pieces to the front and back of the box card like so... except for that tall yellow piece. Hold onto that. for a second. It turns out that covers up the "flap" of the box when you put it together. I had to tear mine off and put it back on.

Oh no! I forgot that I wanted to add this gorgeous background stamp to my yellow panels! Even designers make mistakes (ahem.. all the time...). Just add it on anyway! :)

Now assemble the "box" and add the back yellow layer to cover up the flap.

I embossed and inked the edges of the turkey and pop and glue all the pieces to their layers.

Add the layers in and a sentiment and you are done! :) I got this sentiment from the "I Love Family" chipboard: a Lori Whitlock collection for Echo Park Paper.

No matter what happens today remember that the day is all about relationships and being thankful. If you burn the turkey, don't sweat it. You have food to eat. If people fight, don't worry about it. You have people who love each other enough to want to get together on a day - family, friends, loved ones. You aren't alone. And if you are still feeling stressed at the end of it... well... leave the dishes to the morning and go get in your craft room! :)

This is Courtney Lee signing off and wishing you a VERY happy and full Thanksgiving.

Lori's Store: A2 Box Card: Thanksgiving Turkey
ilhouette Store: A2 Box Card: Thanksgiving Turkey


Thanksgiving Onesie and Pillows

HELLLOOOOOOO out there! :) Have you been enjoying the new Doodlebug Flea Market cut files!?! WE LOVE THEM!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a new family tradition for us!

So our "assignment" (I always put "assignment"s in quotes as I LOVE to play!!!) was to use Flea Market cut files to create a Thanksgiving 3D project. 

At first I was going to make the onesie say "My First Thanksgiving" but then I wanted to use it a ton so I changed it to little pumpkin. :) I thought this would make a super cute hostess gift! If you are going to someone's house for Thanksgiving and they have children from big to little, here are some ideas!

I used the pumpkin from the pumpkins and acorn cut file. Isn't it darling? My little pumpkin looks so cute in this! :) 

Here are the pillows and the story behind them. So my cousin's mom made her kids pillowcases for the seasons and they loved them. Now she does it for her kids too. I thought it was adorable and decided to give it a try. The girls LOVE their pillows!!! 

These are the first pillowcases I have ever made! I think they turned out so adorable! :) And the girls love love love the iron on pumpkin and acorn. 

Here are the three projects together. If you have kids or grandkids, I encourage you to try this! It's SO fun and personal and they will LOVE it!!!

I layered on the iron on just like you would a die cut. Just make sure that you cover the whole image with each layer so that the iron never touches the iron on directly.

This little pumpkin and her sisters LOVE their pumpkin pillows! I cannot wait to make Christmas ones using the Here Comes Santa cut files! :) 

Doodlebug: Flea Market: Pumpkin and Acorn cut file (Silhouette Store = Silhouette cut file)
Doodlebug: Flea Market: Pumpkin and Acorn cut file (Lori Whitlock's Store = SVG)


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let's Hear it for Petite Prints!

So.... The new petite prints by doodlebug are AWESOME. I have used them all over the place!!! But for this project I really wanted to showcase the new gingham-linen patterns. 

I utilized the 6x6 paper pad (oh yes, it comes in a 6x6 paper pad too!!!!) 

I added those awesome cardstock stickers for the sentiments (I seriously cannot get enough of these and the fun colors they come in).

I LOVE the new cute clips and put them on my projects EVERYWHERE. They are hiding all over the place and they are not only a fun element, but they also add a really nice texture to the projects. AND the recipient can take them off if they would like to and use them! :) Bonus!

Then I added some cute shaped sprinkles within their color dots and I finished it off with some glittered and matte sprinkles. I love how doodlebug makes all three kinds!

doodlebug: cardstock stickers: thank you multicolor (3131)
doodlebug: cardstock stickers: happy birthday multicolor (3128)


Friday, November 11, 2016

Petite Prints Challenge

Check out my post up on the Doodlebug blog today! Here's my cute little card set. :) 


Monday, November 7, 2016

3D Pumpkin- Lori Whitlock's Blog Hop for November!

Hi all and welcome to the November blog hop for the Lori Whitlock Creative Team!

You should have gotten here from the fabulous Kathy's blog. If not, start HERE at the beginning. 

I bought this pumpkin a while ago. I love it's little look and simplicity. Isn't this hexy paper the cutest!?! I made it using Lori Whitlock's I Love Family collection for Echo Park Paper. 

Normally I would go all out and add embossing and stitching and embellishments but I decided to keep this one just "out of the box" and show you how cute they can be when you choose cute paper! I made this with a hot glue gun in like 15 minutes - no joke! You can resize these in a bunch of different sizes and make an awesome tablescape for your Thanksgiving dinner table! 

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