Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween! Courtney from Court's Crafts here with Lori's new Haunted House Box 2!!!! It is NOT too late to add this to your home decor for tonight or to make one and fill it with treats for the party you are headed too! You could also make these for the grandkids!

I added some cute critters and embellishments since we don't really do "spooky" at our house. The patterned papers you choose really make this house. Match it to your mood!

I added some stitching to the tree to give it personality. And I stitched around the house pieces as well.

Honestly, this chimney had me at hello. I loved it in green for the example and wanted to keep it that way. Its wonky nature and how the owl is looking scared of the spider = LOVE. I would advise cutting the back tree out of chipboard or thick cardstock a could of times. I want to reinforce mine before giving it to the kids! :)

Here it is! Check it out in Lori's store HERE and whip one out for tonight! You could easily adapt this for Thanksgiving using fall papers! You can grab it from the Silhouette Store HERE.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Doodlebug Here Comes Santa Claus!!!

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

My mom calls and sings that song after she has found a Christmas present and wont tell me what it is! Courtney here from Court's Crafts with three Christmas cards to jump start your creativity. 

Te first one was totally inspired by those little birds. I LOVE THEM!!! 

This heart background paper is my new fave and I just had to get it in as the background of the card. The heart Cute Clips were JUST the thing needed. There is even one hiding in the wired ribbon!  I grabbed my daughter's tinsel pipe cleaners (shhh.. don't tell!) and snipped a bit off to ground my birds - like birds on a wire. :) 

This is one of those cards that comes together organically and quickly. I took out the snow globe (Odds and Ends) and I cut the sentiment out from the 6x6 paper pad. And then they sat on my desk together...for like a week. haha. Then I saw this advent calendar paper and wanted to make something different (I was going to make a door hanger countdown thingy) but then I thought... quilted background!!!

Or maybe I should call this a faux quilted background as I just stitched in between the squares making it look like that! I added a border strip from This and That, a scrumptious candy cane sprinkle and a paper clip to the snowglobe and attached them all to a tag. Sweet! 

Dear Santa
For this card I really wanted to decorate a Christmas tree.. somehow that turned into this. lol. The creative process sometimes cracks me up and I was totally cracking up at myself as I put this together. 

Those candy swirl sprinkles though!!! And did you see Santa's candy cane exhaust? haha. Most of these were die cuts from the Odd's and Ends. :) 

I hope this inspires you to break out your Here Comes Santa papers early and have some holiday fun! I LOVE Christmas!!!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

3 Shaped Cards - Doodlebug Boos and Brews Cut Files!!!!!!

I have been BURSTING to tell you all that Doodlebug is now making cut files!!!!

This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here and I made these awesome shaped cards from them! They are SO much fun and I am so thrilled that I can cut these awesome critters again and again!!!

Here is my biggest boast for doodlebug cut files (and if you know me, you know that I use cut files 99% of the time... in other words I have cut a lot from a lot of different companies.): doodlebug ROCKED the depth of the cuts. They took the time to put a whole character together and everything has amazing detail. It makes it so easy because you just have to pick the papers and add foam dimension. ... scroll down to the haunted house to see what I mean a little easier. 

They also made the layering on these excellent. They worked from back to front so there is always an outline of the full cut to build on. YES!!!

Igor, His Pet Frog, and a Pumpkin
Okay, seriously... how cute are these cut files... I'm dying over here!!! :)

I zig zag stitched around the pumpkin and I grabbed an old happy halloween sentiment sticker from doodlebug and curved it around the pumpkin. perfect. 

Check out the spider in Igor's hair!?! I used some googly eyes on the frog. I thought it made him look a little dorkier. :) And I added a matte sprinkle as a wart. ;) The petite prints were perfect for the froggy elements.

Here is what it looked like all done and you can see the shaped card background. :)

doodlebug: boos and brews: frankie's lab (5379)
doodlebug: boos and brews: spooky spiders (5380)
doodlebug: boos and brews: sprinkle shapes: spooky spiders (5318)
doodlebug: swiss dot 6x6 paper pad (5449) (orange shirt)
doodlebug: petite prints: grasshopper gingham linen (5435)
doodlebug: petite prints: citrus gingham linen (5433)

Doc and His Jar of Eyeballs
Oh Doc, you had me at hello. I am married to a total nerd and I love it. This guy.. ahh! 

If I could have fit a little pocket protecter on this guy I would have but an eyeball in the middle of his bow tie was the perfect touch. I added a matte sprinkle to his hands for emphasis and dimension and my favorite addition was the two different sized googly eyes. 

This eyeball jar is SO much fun. from the bubbles to the colors, doodlebug ROCKED the depth of this cut. 


A Haunted House for Two
My final shaped card for you today is this AWESOME haunted house, Frank, and his bride. 

I LOVE doodlebug's haunted houses. I look forward to them with every halloween release. So I was SO excited to use this cut and add some sloppy stitching to make it feel really run down and patched together.

I also skewed the windows (because you can do that with a cut file!!! :)) and added some fun elements.

Did you see the eyeball as the ball on the top of the spire? And of course frank needed a doodle-pop bat in his belfry (I know I know, there are no bells up there but still... )

doodlebug: petite prints: citrus gingham linen (5433)
doodlebug: mini pearls: lilac (3349)

I really hope you had SUCH a great time checking out this Boos and Brews cut file projects!!! Now hop on over to the Silhouette store and pick them up! ahh!!! SOOOO much fun!!! :)


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gorgeous Snowglobe Card and Stencil Tutorial

Hi everyone! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with one of Lori's new Pop Dot Snow Globe cards! Aren't they gorgeous!?!

Adding Glitter to Spice Up Your Cards
My tutorial today is really about adding glitter! For this one you need to mask out a certain area so when you finish cutting out your cut file, hold onto this red circle that cut out of the outer circle. It is going to act as our mask. 

Now the trick to getting a gorgeous result from a stencil is to tape it down really well (just like painting!). I taped the red circle to the card (barely) as I knew it was going to be covered up by the thin red circle afterwards. Does that make sense? So I knew I had about 1/4 inch of room to tape the red circle to the white base. I also taped the whole thing to a scrap piece of paper and the table so that it wouldn't move on me.  

This is what it looked like after I used the opaque embossing paste and a spatula. 

Eek! Pulling off everything is always the most stressful part. It's so hard not to get your fingers in any of it. 

While the embossing paste is still wet, add the glitter and let it dry.. or, if you are daring, grab it by that "snow" part that was masked off and shake the excess off.. I did it and narrowly survived! haha. 

My background glitter wasn't enough glitter for me and I also wanted a chunkier glitter look than using glitter paper - my sticker maker to the rescue!  

I covered the snowflakes in this slightly golden silver glitter. It looks more gold in this pic for some reason but it's not that gold. 

 Now just use pop dots to put this beauty together and get ready to impress someone!!!!

Isn't it gorgeous!!!???!! It is even prettier in person. It super glistens. I used Lori Whitlock's I Love Winter Collection for Echo Park for this whole card. The solid cardstock is Carta Bella's and all the patterned papers came from the 6x6 paper pad for I Love Winter. The stencil is also from that collection as well as the sentiment. Enjoy! One more Christmas card done for me! :)  

Lori Whitlock Store: A2 Pop Dot Card Snowglobe Gingerbread 
Silhouette Store: A2 Pop Dot Card Snowglobe Gingerbread


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I made three spooktacular shaped cards for you! Check them out HERE.


Monday, October 10, 2016

October Blog Hop with the Lori Whitlock Creative Team!

Good morning and welcome to the October version of our awesome blog hop! Make sure to go and download the free cut file today! 

You should have gotten here from Kathy's blog! If you didn't, start HERE at the Lori Whitlock blog to start all the fun! :)

I made this fun shaped deer card into Rudolph using pipe cleaners my daughters had in their crafty stash (shhhh... don't tell them I was in there! ;))

I used these super cute brads from Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper's "I Love Christmas" line. Aren't they gorgeous!? I used the Chipboard to get the sentiment on there.

I am a little bit in love with the snowflakes on the woodgrain.... and by a little bit I mean pretty much obsessed with this paper. An enamel dot finished off this beauty!

Cut Files Used: 

Here is your free file for today and coupon codes! :)

Now head on over to Anita's blog! But before you go, enter into this rafflecopter giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Friday, October 7, 2016

May I be Frank? I'm mad about Boos and Brews.

Hello! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with my trio of Boos and Brews cuties!

May I be Frank? I'm Mad about You.
Sooo, this card... haha. There is a lot of "Courtney Crazy" going on here. I loved the "May I be Frank?" phrase from the 6x6 paper pad.. and then I fell in love with the mad scientist and saw the phrase "Mad About You" and I knew I had to add an "I'm" in between and make it a complete phrase. :) 

Look at that adorable man!?! And I admit.. I'm a little obsessed with this "caution" washi tape. It made it onto two of these three cards! I grabbed the spider web paper from the border strips patterned paper and added the awesome spider shape sprinkles. How did doodlebug manage to get me to like spiders!?! They are SOOO cute!

Those eyes... get it!? I put it over the "I"... ;) I think I may be the only person cheesy enough to get all the detail. haha. 

doodlebug: boos and brews: bubbling brew (5382)
doodlebug: boos and brews: weird science (5375)
doodlebug: boos and brews: jeepers creepers (5377)
doodlebug: boos and brews: frankie's lab (5379)
doodlebug: boos and brews: 6x6 paper pad (5407)
doodlebug: boos and brews: icons (5356)
doodlebug: boos and brews: shape sprinkles: spooky spiders (5318)
doodlebug: boos and brews: shape sprinkles: eerie eyes (5319)
doodlebug: boos and brews: washi tape: caution (5327)
doodlebug: boos and brews: cute clips: stars and moons (5349)
doodlebug: boos and brews: labels and tags (5395)
doodlebug: shin-dig in lily white (2068)
doodlebug: doodle-twine in halloween (2995)

Have a Boo-tiful Day
I love this little mummy. My husband and I are so cheesy. We love those movies. So this little guy just had to make it onto my card.

The splats and the photo frame all came from the Odds and Ends and of course I had to tuck another one of those star cute clips in there. I am totally obsessed with cute clips - almost as obsessed as I am with doodle-pops!

I finished it off by anchoring it with some slime washi tape. Isn't that stuff awesome!?! (And note two of the other washi tapes from this collection in the background.)
doodlebug: boos and brews: doodle-pop: mini mummy (5340)
doodlebug: boos and brews: washi tape: shocking chevron (3984)
doodlebug: boos and brews: washi tape: caution (5327)
doodlebug: boos and brews: washi tape: radioactive (5325)
doodlebug: boos and brews: 6x6 paper pad (5407)
doodlebug: boos and brews: odds and ends (5353)
doodlebug: boos and brews: cute clips: stars and moons (5349)

Hi Pumpkin!
Last but certainly not least is this little cutie. How cute is that splat paper!?! It just screams, "celebrate!"

I "distressed" the green layer and loved that the orange was on the back to come through. My husband asked me, "did you know the paper was ripped!?" haha. Apparently I didn't do enough of it so that he knew it was on purpose but it fit my fancy. :) Look at that adorable pumpkin cute clip!!!!!

Oh pumpkin mini doodle-pops, how I love thee. I mean look at them!!!! The "Hi Pumpkin!" phrase also came from the 6x6 paper pad. (LOVING that feature they added this year!!!) and I tucked some green scallop fancy frills from the This and That bottom left and top right. You can barely see them but it adds just a little umph. 

I added some ribbon with those silver sparkle polka dots from May Arts ribbon on them and after it was all done I didn't like how sharp the edges looked on the front paper so I just took scissors to them and imperfectly cut the corners off. It was one of those hilariously impulsive decisions that I totally loved.
doodlebug: boos and brews: mini doodle-pops: pumpkin pals (5339)
doodlebug: boos and brews: cute clips: pumpkins (5348)
doodlebug: boos and brews: 6x6 paper pad (5407)
doodlebug: boos and brews: odds and ends (5353)
doodlebug: petite prints: mandarin gingham-linen
doodlebug: boos and brews: this and that (5359)

May I be Frank? I'm mad about Boos and Brews. Grab some for your Halloween cards and Pumpkin, I hope you have a Boo-tiful day. ;) (I told you I'm cheesy!!!)