Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clip Up Photo Board: Kid's Project

Kid's crafts week!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here!

I was really excited to pick one of the (all too many) projects that I have had to my head to do with my little humans. They LOVE doodlebug washi tape maybe more than anyone on earth. I am surprisingly stingy with it so when I brought 48 rolls of washi tape out and told them we were going to play with it... needless to say they were STOKED. 

I used to have a banner with their direct family and godparents on it in their room. They loved it and it was a way to keep them close. It was cute but it didn't hold that many people and it was now really outdated. So I printed out these little 2x2 pictures and went to work. 

They LOVED this Kitten Smitten collection so I knew it was the one to use. First they helped me cover the clothes pins (no joke, they did some themselves at 2.5 and 4 (she just turned 4 last week!)). They are very detail oriented little humans. 

Then I put all the small die cuts from the Odds and Ends out on the table and they got to choose which ones to put on the clothespins (and the orientation of the die cuts). I adhered the die cuts with dimensional foam tape and they were VERY proud of their creations.

Check out my oldest. She just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. This was her idea for a photo shot... I think I see a next generation doodlebug!

Next it was time for adult help. I cut the 2x2 pictures apart (I print them out as a 4x6 photo) and there were already 4 perfect polaroid frames in the Odds and Ends. I used those first and attached the pictures to the back of the frames using washi tape. The bottom right one in this picture - the pink hearts is one of those die cuts that comes in the Odds and Ends.

After that I found a polaroid frame in my Silhouette arsenal of die cuts, resized them to fit, and I arranged it so that three or four were in each 6x6 inch quadrant. I put the four patterned papers from the 6x6 paper pad in the four quadrants and so I was able to cut them all in one pass. YES! 

Lastly I had this board in the kitchen and I added all the photos to the wire. I added the "family" using chippers in swimming pool.

This would also be super cute on one of those chicken wire frames or simply by getting an empty photo frame and stringing twine across it. CA-UTE!

doodlebug: washi tape: scallop assortment (4800)
doodlebug: washi tape: gingham assortment (4803)
doodlebug: washi tape: dot assortment (4802)
doodlebug: washi tape: stripe assortment (4801)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: 6x6 paper pad (5298)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: odds and ends (5244)
doodlebug: chippers: swimming pool (4515)


Monday, August 22, 2016

Pop Up Box Cards and Let's Be Mermaids!

Hey Lori Whitlock fans! I am here with the new Let's Be Mermaids collection by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park AND one of her new pop up box cards - the hot air balloon one.

.... soooooo who says that hot air balloons have to be in the air? If I were a mermaid I would want to have hot air balloons in the ocean. ;) I used my Cricut Air to write "Thank You" with the pen feature. It makes life so easy! 

Okay... so I may have gotten a little sparkle enamel dot happy... I LOVE these enamel dots! They are so so so sparkly! 

Here is an "arial" shot of it. :) Do you like how I did that? Arial shot? It's like "from above" hot air balloon style AND like Ariel from that Disney movie. ;)

Pick up some of these pop up box cards! They are so much fun. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many I have.... ;) Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a beautiful day!

Lori's Shop: Pop Up Box Card Hot Air Balloons
Silhouette Shop: Pop Up Box Card Hot Air Balloons
Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper: Let's Be Mermaids "Stars of the Sea" (LBM110003)
Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper: Let's Be Mermaids "Bubble Up" (LBM110004)
Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper: Let's Be Mermaids 6x6 Paper Pad (LBM110023)
Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper: Let's be Mermaids Enamel Dots (LBM110029)


Monday, August 15, 2016

Case and point (or color): Limeade

I was SOOOO inspired by Amanda's old framed lemon. You can see the original post HERE. Not only is this post so sweet, but she is too. There is nothing like being inspired by someone who you have had the honor to meet, be on a DT with, and is so lovely in person too. Her project was inspired by a classic Melinda Spinks cluster HERE. So it's a double inspired by project. :)

Here is her project: 

My color is LIMEADE!!! So I made a fall home decor piece just like hers! 

Here it is in the doodlebug shadow box. Did you know they made AWESOME shadow boxes in 8x8 and 12x12? I think I have 6 around the house. I have tried a lot of shadow boxes and these are by far my favorite.

I took it out of the box to show it to you. There are a LOT of products on this project. I took everything limeade and just went a little nuts - and loved it.

I had some fun stitching on the stem and leaf. I just "free styled" this and I love the texture it brought!

I really tried to keep my embellishments fall themed. It was hard. I wanted to add the most random things on there. But then I thought it would be fun to make this one of three that could stack on top of each other. I might just re-create her lemon just like she did and maybe do a tomato on the bottom! Wouldn't that be darling!?

I love the way doodle-pops add so much dimension. I started with the apple. I have been hoarding it for a while and thought the apple in an apple was kind of a cute idea and a fun way to add a pop of color. The school supplies came next and that little owl - I just love his fat head!!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are enjoying our fun smash up challenge of casing a DT member's project before us AND having a color assigned! It was such a fun challenge for me! You should join along too! :) We LOVE to see your creations!

doodlebug: friendly forest: autumn patchwork (4333)
doodlebug: friendly forest: 6x6 paper pad (4384)
doodlebug: sequins: limeade (4261)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: kitten caboodle (5210)
doodlebug: mini clothespins: christmas (4437)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: jelly beans (4949)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: tiny flowers (4950)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: falling leaves (4398)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: halloween treats (4396)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: kitten smitten (5209)
doodlebug: doodle-pops: for teacher (3023)
doodlebug: doodle-pops: be witchy (3881)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: itsy bity spiders (4420)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: push pins (3695)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: colored pencils (3694)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: little leaves (4425)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: shades of fall (3887)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: lil' owls (4421)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: crafty cutters (3696)
doodlebug: mini paperclips: christmas (4493)
doodlebug: boutique buttons: limeade (2475)
doodlebug: sprinkles: limeade (4009)
doodlebug: matte sprinkles: dog assortment (5206)
doodlebug: sprinkles: limeade arrows (4227)
doodlebug: sprinkles: christmas (4399)
doodlebug: mini pearls: limeade (3346)
doodlebug: fashion furnishings: 8x8 shadow box (2217)