Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom's birthday card - Vintage - EAD Designs

My mom wanted a "big card" for her birthday. Since she is the reason I make cards as I have always had to make her cards for special occasions, I am particularly soft to bend to her requests. I used to just fold a 8.5" by 11" piece of construction paper in half and went to town so she bought all these frames to display my cards on the wall that fit my cards. My last Mothers' Day card is "too small to fit in the frames" so here I am making another big card for her.

I used all my favorite paper that I had been hoarding (the green is just SO me). And the pink I had bought intending to use it for her a while ago. So, with using my EAD Designs vinyl from the Rub-ons Vintage Collection, I had my little masterpiece! :) I put a close up picture of the word "vintage" so that you could see it had it's own style to the font.

I couldn't help but use the Vintage rub-on. My mom is a great vintage :). Happy Birthday (on the 7th) Mom!

Enjoy and I hope she likes it!



Anonymous said...

♥This. the flowers are super duper cute.
Hope your mom has a great birthday.

Jenny said...

wonderful Court love it! you are getting soooo good :) :) :)