Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i-space = my scrappy space!

Today on the Imaginisce blog, I am showing you my scrappy space - which is my whole house! I have mentioned before that I live in 450 square feet and a lot of you were wondering how I do it and where I store all of my scrappy stuff! So, this is for you! :) 

Yes, that is Casablanca on the tv. I always put movies on in the background to inspire me. Spoon is sitting on the chair next to the one I sit. Under the TV there is the white sideboard. The left side of that is where I hide my die cutting machines, laminator, and paper cutters.

I also have a drawer in the white cupboard behind the couch.

This is what it looks like when I craft. ... when it's clean... 

Almost all of my paper and embellishments are stored under the bed in boxes. 

This is what it looks like. It's on both sides. 

Filled to the brim with yummy My Mind's Eye collections! 

All of my solid cardstock which needs some serious replenishing. 

Spoon trying to help me take pictures.

I have them in bins my manufacturer. 

The flip side of the bed is all Imaginisce. 

Love my Imaginisce goodies! 

New lines - yummy!

Cricut carts!

This is where I can throw anything I want and close the drawer. 

More cartridges get stacked on top of the Cuttlebug folders in the drawer. 

My stickers and other patterned paper.

My scrap'n tote. This thing saves me. It turns so I just leave it on the floor and turn it around for all my needs!

Always have to have my tools nearby!

Love my i-rock gems! The compacts are three deep. 

 Where I store my Cricut - in front of my Cake and then the Gypsy gets moved to the bottom with the YourStory and my paper cutters.



~amy~ said...

WOWZA..450 SF?! You rock girl....love your space and how you have it organized.

June Houck said...

Your home and crafty space is beautiful! Look at that beautiful Spoon...in that first picture she's like,"Mom, what's goin' on?" Then she realizes, "Oh, we're looking through all our fun supplies!"

Amanda said...

This is great! I wish my stuff was as organized as yours. Mine is a complete mess right now! TFS!

Kimberli said...

SO organized, love your space - thanks for sharing!

Kati said...

I really love how organized you are. It inspires me know what a small space you live in and it looks so great. I could definitely learn some tips on organizing from you.

jennyplace2 said...

We are talking about downsizing and I am so worried about where to put my scrappin supplies...Thanks to you, I see and can be done. You are so organized! Maybe there is hope for me in mu future after all! TFS your space!

Carissa said...

I am just amazed at how you have everything so organized. I love how you create such beautiful cards and layouts with your stuff tucked everywhere. You must have a roledex in your mind of all your stuff. Wow.

snappy scrappy said...

Wow...serious compct storage...great job! Lee-Ann :)

Angi Barrs said...

I can so relate. I'm in a condo myself. Love how you stored everything under the bed by manufacturer. Great storage ideas. Your place is so cute. Spoon is adorable too. :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful house and great job of making the most of all your space! I love seeing how others craft.
Thanks for sharing.

Simple Creations

Nita said...

You are the organization QUEEN! And my new hero! I THOUGHT I was organized, but compared to you I am totally NOT. :) And I love how your 4-legged child helps you take pictures. Mine licks the camera lens if I get too close. :D

CraftyShell said...

WOW I am so impressed! First your home is very lovely, love your wall color. Second I dont know how you stay so organized...lol I know you only have 450 sq ft and you have to be, but I would be bad at it. I just posted on blog if you check my blog out of my clutter before and after...lol The great thing I love about your home and your craft orgainzing is. More home just means more to clean less time to have fun...lol And less room to store crafts means you get items you will really use and you dont have a ton of space to just keep buying stuff so that saves money...lol We moved from 900 sq ft to 1370 sq ft last year and I find I spend more time cleaning & working on the yard and less time to craft. So I am admiring your simple life you have. Bigger is not always better.

Rachel said...

I love how you are still able to craft in such a small area! My fiance and I will be apartment hunting soon since we're getting married next May, and I wonder if we'll be able to find an affordable place where I can have a nice crafting corner like I do in my bedroom now. You show that it is possible to craft in any space!

Creative Diva said...

Love Love Love your craft space. You have some awesome goodies. Thanks for sharing your room with us.

Kate said...

Very Nice. Congrats on making the Pumpkin Spice Design Team.


bonnie said...

Oh this is the sweetest and neatest craft space EVER!! You are so organized sweetie you have a beautiful home and the sweetest lil' Spoon....aww so cute! Thanks for sharing! :) Hugs x

Denine said...

Your organization skills amaze me!!
I love your HOME!!

Anonymous said...

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Janette S. said...

Super organized - I am impressed with how you use your space!

TenSGal said...

Wow...I'm amazed that you can do all this in such limited space. That is very inspiring!!! Just beautiful!!!

liz at liz's paper loft said...

You amaze me with your talent and now your oganization skills...but I do have a question...where do you keep your clothes?! oh wait, crafting is way more important than having lots of clothing! lol!