Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat

Today for Imaginisce we are showing you the new colored foam tape! It is SUPER cool! At first I thought, "interesting... but how is it going to look in practice?" Well, hopefully these pics will show you how well it really works! For once I don't have the white showing out from underneath! I LOVE it! 

You know I wouldn't promote anything I didn't LOVE and this - let me just say - has NOT left my craft room table!!! Okay, enough gushing and onto my project.

A VERY sweet friend sent me Happy Hauntings (THANK YOU! You know who you are!!!), so I really wanted to use the cartridge for this Halloween!!! 

Trick or Treat

This first picture I pulled off the backing of the tape on the top of the pic -where the bats are- but then I realized you might want to see the before and after... The reason for the funny sizes is that the tape comes in both rolls sand big and little squares - all in one package! I'm sure you're familiar with the squares so I just took a picture of the roll below. Best part - it didn't stick to my scissors! 
 After! - look how it practically disappears! It's a bit shiny so I used the light to bounce off it so that you could see it a little better. 

The roll of red from the side. I know that the red would look good enough against the orange top to hide it.

 Check it out!!! :) I LOVED that it practically disappeared!


Go and check out what the other ladies made with the foam at the Imaginisce Blog!!! It's pretty rad and it's one of those things like the i-rock, once you play with it, you LOVE it!!!



~amy~ said...

FABulous...what cool tape.

Carissa said...

Great card friend. I am loving that new tape. I make my own dimensional tape using colored foam - it's so awesome how it disappears!! And I love the HH cart too.

artfuldelight said...

Awesome card and I am lovin' the colored tape!!

Missy said...

This is so cute Court! I love the cobweb you added....I'd wondered how that would look on a project!!!

TenSGal said...

I haven't seen that tape yet...very cool. Will be on the lookout for it. I like that it is clear-ish! Cute card!