Friday, February 3, 2012

Your Story project

It's about time that I brought out my Your Story!!! 

We moved into a new house as you all know and before in our condo, we always had to put the dog on a leash to take her outside to go potty. Now we have a yard (yay) but she scratches the door to come back in. We don't want her to scratch the door to bits so I made this sign for her to tape on the spot where she would scratch to protect it. 

Unfortunately the thickers were a little thick to put through the Your Story. I mean, they went through just fine, but they wrinkled the lamination. That's totally fine with me as I don't need a perfect looking doggy door scratch-resistant thingy-mablober. Just so you know, the Your Story does an EXCELLENT job on flat projects. You can click on some of my other ones by clicking on the label that says "Your Story" and all of those projects will show up! :) I know, I know. I need to do more! 

Spoon is on the left with (one of her) doggy boyfriends Sammy. Aren't they adorable!?!




Nita said...

Ha ha! As a fellow dog owner/lover, I love this! :) And YAY! for a yard for Spoon - I'll bet she's loving it. :)

Got2BCrafting said...

What a great idea! Our last dog completely ruined our back door from scratching on it. :( Of course she was a MUCH bigger dog and I would have had to practically cover the entire door in order to protect it!! LOL! My DH had to take the door down and resand and seal the whole thing in order for it to be presentable again.
I will need to look at your YourStory posts cuz I need some inspiration in that area! :)

Jill said...

So cute! I love that you shared this with us! SMiles, Jill

Pat N. said...

Oh that's too cute, and what a great idea! Does Spoon scratch on the sign now?! She's really cute.

Wanda said...

Oh Court this is soo cute. I'm sure Spoon gets the idea now. LOL You are so cleaver I'd never think of something like this. It made me laugh.. Love ya!

artfuldelight said...

Too cute!! Your pup is adorable. I want a dog like that. :-)

Missy said...

This is stinkin cute!! OK both pictures, I mean, the pic of Spoon and the sign you made for her!!! What a great idea!!!

Dee Burns said...

Court what a cute idea and an awesome project. I have both Your Story machines and love them too. I like when people LOVE their pets enough to do out of the ordinary things for them. What won't do for the little

Have a great weekend. Glad your move and home is going well. Love that baby doggie.

Dee B

June Houck said...

There is my sweet adorable little niece...hi, Spoonie! I hope you like your pretty little sign that your Mommy made just for you!