Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doodlebug Sprinkles Love: Sequin Rattle Embellishments

Around here it's babies babies babies and I am loving it but it has me constantly reaching for baby cards! I needed a few more in my stash and since we just found out my cousin is having a BOY then I made this one for her. :)

So... every time I saw someone fill a shaker with sequins I thought they were CRAZY for the amount of product they used (I am a sequin hoarder... I have issues)... let me say - it doesn't even dent the amount of sequins in those bottles. Do it. It's darling.

Just to show you how thick it is: I cut the rattle 8 times and chose to cut acetate for both the front and the back so you could see through it. See that little black dot? That's actually a little piece of glitter! haha. sneaky sneaky little thing. I used my Xyron 9" Creative Station to put the pieces through to make the process faster.

Did you know that Doodlebug has stickers that say, "it's a boy" and "it's a girl"? Doodlebug. makes. life. easy. :) They come in black and white as well.

I was going to cut the handles out of a different color but instead I just chose sequins of a different color. So fun! It gave them some extra sparkle and weight. I used my Xyron Teresa Collins Liquid Adhesive to attach the sequins.

Here are the little gems (pun intended) all finished. I added two of the fancy frills that were part of these collections to the left side and sewed around the border. Then I just used the sentiment stickers to finish them off! I kept them simple to show off the rattles and what fun they are in person! 

Aren't these papers from snips and snails - and - sugar and spice so darling.?.

Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to see what you do with your Doodlebug sequins!!!



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Mendi Yoshikawa said...

These turned out precious! Love them! :)