Tuesday, July 1, 2014

doodlebug - Goody bags for Emmaline's Party

Hello everyone! Here I am with a little party inspiration! :) 

Emmaline LOVES to garden so for her 2nd birthday party favors (TOMORROW!!! eek!!!) we thought it would be fun to incorporate that love and give out seeds instead of the normal favors. I chose carrots because some of the people coming do not have garden space or live in the city. Carrots are something that anyone can grow in a pot on the patio and they come up quickly and are fun to pick at all kinds of stages of growth. 

I kept these simple because I wanted to be able to make a bunch of them super quickly. Doodlebug made this super easy! 

Isn't this color combo scrumptious!?! It makes me want to be a kid again and to have some otter pops by the pool!

I am LOVING this coral color. I am kind of obsessed with the coral and swimming pool combination but I tried the coral and limeade... ugh. new love. 

Juicy. Don't you just love those mini doodle-pops? They dress up everything so quickly! I have such a hard time using those little gems (because I have hoarding problems), but when I do, I love it! 

You have to have some cuteness for the guys too. :)

Here are a couple of close-ups. :)

When you put the seed packets in - it's a tight fit. They may crinkle just a smidgen, but they fit perfectly! Aren't they cute!?! I cannot wait to make more and let the kiddos pick out their favorites before they leave from the party. 

Next time you need a sweet party favor for a kids' birthday party or garden party, here is a darling idea! I hope it inspires you! 

Enjoy our couple weeks of treat bag inspiration! Courtney Lee signing out! Have a beautiful day!

doodlebug: treat bags: coral dots (4240)
doodlebug: treat bags: swimming pool gingham (4242)
doodlebug: treat bags: limeade chevrons (4241)
doodlebug: treat bags: bubblegum stripes (4239)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: summer fun (3686)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: primrose (3685)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: mo' staches (3891)
doodlebug: mini doodle-pops: take flight (3683)
doodlebug: sprinkles: limeade (4009)
doodlebug: sprinkles: bon bon (4014)
doodlebug: sprinkles: birthday girl (4102)
doodlebug: sprinkles: love (4072)
doodlebug: doodles: for you - lily white (3144)
doodlebug: sprinkles vellum: coral (4269)
doodlebug: sprinkles vellum: swimming pool (4250)
doodlebug: sprinkles vellum: limeade (4249)
doodlebug: sprinkles vellum: bubblegum (4245)


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