Sunday, September 14, 2014

Doodlebug - NEW product! Ghouls and Goodies!

Boo everyone! Did I scare you?! Okay, good. I don't really like scaring people anyway. :) 

I made a little doodlebug halloween card for you! I am NOT into the spooky halloween stuff at all. I LOVE cutesy halloween. love it. doodlebug's halloween lines are always SO up my ally!!! 

I was inspired by my cousin's quilt square for this card. She made a "wonky log cabin" quilt and I was enchanted with the idea of lines not matching up... as someone who always likes things "square", this was not only a foreign concept to me, but something I needed to do for my creative side.

To do this, I actually cut a 4x4" piece of cardstock into 4 pieces - 2x2" squares... so I couldn't line them up... because like I said, I have issues... ;) Then I did the 2x2 squares individually. You can see that I couldn't even cut the papers with a lot of slope. This totally felt avant-garde to me! haha. 

I also REALLY wanted to highlight the washi tape. There are 4 washi tapes that came out with this collection and I wanted ALL of them on my card! haha. The halloween chevron, "Trick or Treat", spooky stars, and dandy candy are all washi tapes! 

I wanted to show you how cute the new "chippers" look on a card! I put them on both sets of my cards this month. I hope you like them! They are so much fun! 

Helloooooooooo mini paper clips!!! These. Are. Darling. Pick them up. The colors - yum. 

I also wanted to use the fancy frills. I am terrible about using them on cards which is silly because they have a fabulous die cut edge. So I wanted to get a few of those on my card too. Now I am addicted. :) 



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