Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Shadow Box

Happy Halloween!!!!! Be safe out there tonight! Or.. just stay in and craft.. and make this. :)

So the inspiration around this project was the phrase: true love will haunt you forever. My husband and I just celebrated 6 years of marriage, 10 years of dating, and 17 years of knowing each other. We are more in love than ever. So I wanted to make a funny little wall decor for Halloween to have fun with that. I'm the witch and he's the Frankenstein. :) Our tiny humans are the mouse and the owl. :) And there you have it - our little haunted family.

 It's easier to see without the glass. :)

I started out with the spooky house idea and then wanted to add some flare to the roof... Fancy frills to the rescue!! I simply layered them like shingles - SO easy as they are already sticky-backed. I peeled them up with my fingertips and added some flour to the back (I didn't have baby powder in the house... I know. I have two babies... and no baby powder. {hangs head}).

I had to get a mini clothespin in there. I LOVE them! I added some doodle twine and put a star on it. Now, doodlebug is amazing and both frankie (doodle-pop) and the witch (doodle-pop) came with extra doodle-pops: a star and a moon each (AND frankie came with a mouse too!). I used one of the stars on the clothespin and the other star and moon in the sky - top left of picture. :)

Speaking of that little witch, have you seen the dimension on her?! I don't know if you have ever looked at a doodle-pop from the side, but if you are a dimension lover (like me!) then you will LOVE them! The packaging pics never do them justice. They are SO cute!

I had originally added a candy corn as the door knob... and I loved it.. until the end... BUT I used the sprinkles dots that are a bonus on the halloween treat sprinkles shapes sheet as my bubbles coming up from my cauldron of love. And I replaced the candy corn with one of the sparkle sprinkles!

Umm... look at this itsy bitsy spider.. now, let me say.. I am not a big spider fan, but look at how cute this one is!!?! I anchored him with a mini clothespin. :)

This was my first time using doodlebug rub-ons. They are super easy to use! Excuse my little hiccup. I had a 7 month old squirmer in my arms while I was doing this! :) But these letters are super small which was uber fun! I wanted the phrase bubbling out of the cauldron. :) 

I added a little owl doodle-pop and called it done! :) Emmaline (age 2) actually picked out the color and was adamant that I put the orange one on. :)

I have never really cared for Halloween home decor because it has been too spooky! I LOVE the cutesy and now want to decorate my whole house in it! :) Oh! And did you know that doodlebug makes these awesome 8x8 shadow box frames (also in 12x12)?!? Yep, it's doodlebug too! 

bugs used:
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: spooky sprinkles (4319)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: midnight magic (4316)
doodlebug: happy camper: chowtime (4483)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: spook alley (4315)
doodlebug: sugar coated chevron: beetle black (4089)
doodlebug: beetle black cardstock
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: mini clothespins: halloween (4435)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: doodle-pops: franky (4424)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: doodle-pops: wee witch (4423)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: mini doodle-pops: lil' owls (4421)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: mini doodle-pops: itsy bity spiders (4420)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: sprinkles shapes: halloween treats (4396)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: sprinkles: halloween (4395)
doodlebug: ghouls and goodies: washi tape: trick or treat (4403)
doodlebug: twine: beetle black (2994)
doodlebug: fancy frills: ghouls and goodies (4368)
doodlebug: lily white candy shoppe mini rub-ons (2169)
doodlebug: 8x8 black shadow box frame


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