Monday, April 10, 2017

Hippety Hoppety Home Decor!

You should have gotten here from the fabulous Kathy's blog. If not, start HERE at the beginning.

Lori's SVG cuts can be used on so many more things than paper. My father in law recently got a CNC machine which (to my non-techy ears) means a very large Cricut/Silhouette for wood cutting. :) He hadn't broken it in yet so I asked him if I bought wood and provided the SVG file could he cut me some Easter bunnies? I couldn't decide and so we cut all four.

We could only find wood in 1" thick cuts which I wanted so we cut two of them and then glued them together so they are super sturdy. 

Then I just grabbed some of my favorite May Arts ribbon and had a blast.

I think this one is my favorite. It's it darling?!

I feel like this one is momma rabbit. It just has a protective presence. 

Aww, baby girl bunny. My girls have already LOVED moving these around and since they are so solid I don't have to worry about them! 

I don't imagine most people have access to a CNC machine but there are local workshops where you can use one. Or alternatively you can use chipboard and cut a bunch of them and glue them together. That works too! 

I really hoped you enjoyed my bunnies and I really hope this inspires you to make something for your Easter decor! I think these cuties might go right down the center of my dining room table!

In the Silhouette store they are listed separately:

So, I am sure you are stoked for the coupon codes and FREEBIES!!! 

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Unknown said...

I love the wooden rabbits!

McStamper said...

Hoe awesome that you have access to the machine. Your wooden rabbits are wonderful.