Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wee Memories Challenge (WMC5) - Stitching

Wee Memories Challenge #5 - Stitching....

Now, for those of us that live in a 450 square foot studio, it's hard to justify having a Cricut®, Cuttlebug™, and now a YourStory™ (eek!). but to have a sewing machine too...?.... well, let's just say that I may be going for either the YuDu™ or the CricutCake™ for my birthday and not the sewing machine. Thank goodness Jenny put in the exception of using faux stitching if one so desires. Well, I looked high and low for a white gel pen. Michaels had one - I put it in my basket (I had driven 25 minutes to get there) and the check out man apparently forgot to take it out of my basket. Thusly when I got home and was ready to do my "stitching", alas - no gel pen.

I didn't give up. I went down to Monterey for Mother's Day and my mom said she would go with me to Beverly's to get one. They closed at 5. We got there at 5:04. No dice.

Thusly, here I am and I did my faux stitching on part of my card with a green pen that ended up looking too dark I think. But the stitching is there! I will have to get a pen soon. I even checked my Walgreens in the city with no luck. I am planning a pilgrimage to Office Depot. :)

That being said, I used some scraps of all these papers to make this card. I popped a few panels with pop dots and voila! I used my Cuttlebug™ to put the embossed flowers in on the side. I can't remember which set it is from, but I really liked how the flowers came out and it's on the inside too. Enjoy!



Amy said...

The hand drawn stitching is super cute anyway! LOL..Love your card!!

Cheryl said...

Very cute! I love the quilted look!

Jenny said...

Beautiful card love it :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Thanks for playing sweetie!!! I posted a new challenge today... hope you get to come play again!! :) :) :) :) :) Have a great day!