Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello Friend and my friend Kourt's card

I made two cards during the swarm on Saturday and this was actually the first one I made. I didn't realize you had to seal the pigmented inks when stamping, so I smudged this one and was close to tears when Kourt said, "it's alright friend, that's why it's home made and people love home made things!" I can always count on her to cheer me up.

I just cut the card and the layer and then cut the tag from the Heritage Cartridge™. I stamped the sentiment with my new Hero Arts™ stamps and Color Box™ ink (this is my first time using it - any experiences stampers know of better ink?). Easy Peasy.

Kourt made a Father's Day card and I wanted to share it because this is the first card she has made and I think she did fabulously! She actually cut the envelope twice (one of the layers was flipped) so that she could use one side as the liner for the card. She cut shadows and embossed a layer and I'm just beaming with pride! So here is her card too. :)



Jenny said...

Wonderful card and super cute card by Kourt!! :) :) :) Love it!! :) :) :)

Amanda T said...

Gorgeous cards! I found your blog from Julie H at HuxtersHouse... You have a wonderful blog, with beautiful work! I'm so happy I've found you. I'll be back for sure!!

Amy said...

Both are Awesome Court!!

Kim Wilson said...

Thank you for the sweet comment :) This is so adorable!!!

Jenny said...

Wonderful cards, love them!!! :) :) :)