Thursday, June 17, 2010

My dog ate my SD card... literally...

So, I will be posting a picture of said SD card later, but it is true. After taking my SD card out of my computer last time, I put it on the bed. Our 7.5lb Yorkie grabbed it without me noticing. A little while later I heard a funny crunching noise. She was under the bed chewing on the SD card!

I will definitely be taking pictures of the SD card when my husband brings our other SD card home from work today and will be posting my latest creations then.

My grammy (grandmother) even called this morning to ask if I was feeling well since I hadn't posted anything new lately! haha! I just have no way to do it! But I have made a few things that I cannot wait to share as they pertain to contests as well. :) Have a wonderful afternoon and I'll be posting later.



Kim Wilson said...

That is too funny, well not funny but you know what I mean :) Good job on the guess! That was fast girl! You will get an extra entry for this week!

Kim Wilson said...

Funny thing is, I got yours first, but her time is earlier in the message :) you will both get extra entries for the mix up!

Anonymous said...

So your dog did not literally eat the memory card then... it chewed on it. I was trying to find some information that could help my dog, who literally ate a memory card a few minutes ago. Thanks for nothing.