Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who did my blog questions answered

Hey ladies! 

Lisa, your email is a "noreply@blogger" so I couldn't respond to you directly so I thought I would just post it here. :)

Thank you for all the sweet feedback on my blog! I love it too! :) 

I am NOT talented enough to do it myself. haha. I had this company do it:

Please mention that you saw my blog if you decide to use them. I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say! They fully installed it and everything in a week! SOOO easy! The whole sign up process AND feedback took all of about 15 minutes of my time and I don't mind saying that all of the extra features and the blog background cost me a total of $95.

Thank you for all the sweet comments you always leave! I truly appreciate them!



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Lisa's Creative Niche said...

THanks so much! Sorry I didn't leave my contact info along with my question, but thanks for answering me anyway! :)