Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sugar Shoppe Baby Blocks

Hello! I hope you are having a sweet day! ;) Here is a sweet baby block gift to give to someone or use yourself! Sugar Shoppe!!!! Love love this line. It has the popular minty-blue color, the fabulous peach color and some pink of course. It just screams sorbet! :)

As most of you know, I just had a baby and it is super popular to take "as they grow" pictures. Some people will take them with a sticker on a onesie that says "one month" or "two months". I like the idea but the sticker-ed onesie wasn't really my thing... So I came up with this!

I decided to make a side with days, weeks, months, and years so I could use them for a while and for Emmaline as well as Charlotte. :)

I dressed up the blocks with some stickers, but I didn't want to take the focus off the numbers

I also put the two flower doily tiles one the sides.

I love love love Doodlebug color coordination - this line works perfectly with several of the alpha colors, but I liked the pink for the pop. So if you have some bubblegum colored Doodlebug alphas in your stash - they will match perfectly! :)

There are actually four blocks to get all of the numbers represented and to do double digits.

This would make such a fabulous baby shower gift or if you want to just do years with older children you could photograph them holding the blocks in front of them! Too cute! I hope I have inspired you a little today! Have a beautiful and Sugar Shoppe filled day! :)



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Pat N. said...

OMG, those blocks are a great idea for photo taking! Good thinking. Congrats on your second baby girl! What a sweetie! And suddenly Emmaline looks like a big sister!