Sunday, May 8, 2016

Daily Doodles - Under the Sea Style!

Hi everyone!!! It's Courtney Lee with Court's Crafts today and I decided to show you my April calendar as it is the "finished" one. I LOVE the Daily Doodles. I have been doing them since December and as a non-scrapbooker, this has been such an awesome way to capture our lives. I'm putting them in this fabulous scrapbook so the girls can look back and realize all of the fun things that we did. It doesn't have all the detail - as in I don't put "painting" on there but you could! I just put our scheduled family activities, Lilibeth's "firsts", their milestones, visitors, play dates, etc.

This clipboard hangs in our mudroom so anyone can look at it and know what is going on.

I love using the doodle pops and the sprinkle shapes for big events. This little girly sea turtle is just perfect for McKenna's birthday! I have to say - it's one of my favorite sprinkle shapes ever!

I made a little scene in the bottom left corner.

I use washi tape and fancy frills to show when people are out of town (or when we have a houseguest staying for a while). This has been super helpful for the girls to visually see when daddy gets back, etc. 

I always like to do a little something at the tops of them. The sprinkle shaped star and little fish on the bottom right of the scene were the perfect finishing touches. The pre-made month labels are AWESOME. I love this font.

The 6x6 pads in each collection come with this cute matrix of squares. I love using them on my daily doodles. You will be able to see three in the big picture. I used the bubbles to highlight other events.

Here are two Saturday birthdays and this time instead of writing in straight lines I wrote around the objects and I have to say that I LOVE the look. I plan on doing this in the future months too! 

Here is is again in all it's crazy glory! I know it looks like a lot but it just builds up over the month. And.. I admit... I kind of like it that way. This is how wonderfully and cutely chaotic our life is right now and this is SUCH a fabulous way for us all to stay organized and on the same page! 

Grab some daily doodles and start capturing your family memories. I promise you wont regret it and how fun will it be when the kids get to look back and see what our lives looked like? I hope it will make them feel loved, special, enriched and cared for. 

doodles used:
doodlebug: under the sea: 6x6 paper pad (5138)
doodlebug: under the sea: washi tape: pretty polka dots (5000)
doodlebug: under the sea: fancy frills (5144)
doodlebug: under the sea: icons (5143)
doodlebug: under the sea: shape sprinkles: under the sea (4953)
doodlebug: doodle pops: daisy dolphin (4980)
doodlebug: daily doodles: lilac (4934) 
doodlebug: mini doodle pops: minnows (4975)
doodlebug: daily doodles: lily white months (4938)
doodlebug: bubblegum mini rub-ons: candy shoppe (2165)
doodlebug: bubblegum skinny CS stickers (4717)
doodlebug: lilac skinny CS stickers (4724)
doodlebug: bubblegum teensy type CS stickers (3427)
doodlebug: lilac teensy type CS stickers (3434)
doodlebug: lily white teensy type CS stickers (3435)


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