Monday, May 24, 2010

Maker Faire!

So this weekend I went to something called the Maker Faire. It is a conglomeration of "makers" in the same area showing off what they have made in their classroom, garage, workshop, abandoned warehouse, craftroom, etc. Some of the people from Burning Man are there. Most of it is an attempt to create new and eco-friendly creations. For instance, last year there was a car that was powered by walnut shells - yes, walnut shells.

This year's highlights included a group called Arc Attack! which was a group of four men that connected instruments to a large version of a Jacob's Ladder (kind of - something called a Tesla - I will have to ask my husband...) and a man completely covered in a chain mail type outfit had boots on at 1 million volts and his helmet was at 1 million volts. Now, they played the music and the two teslas shot lightening at him who was in the middle. It didn't harm him because of his suit, but he was able to play with the lightening to the beat of the music. Hmmm, that was hard to explain, but we got video and if Hans will help me, we'll get a video of it up here just in case you want to see it.

The Maker Faire is basically a playground for geeks, nerds, crafters, knitters, and people that like to create technology or just want to see what others are creating in hopes of creating a better world for the next generations - oh yeah, and everything is hands on, kid friendly, and totally geared at learning.

There aren't too many big companies there, but there are a few and they are the sponsors of the event. One of those was... Provo Craft®!!!! This event was where I was introduced to Provo Craft® and the Cuttlebug™ and where my love began last year (and they gave away some great prizes last year), So back I went again - determined to win either the CricutCake or the YuDu - but alas, I didn't win anything via the raffle.

I met some amazing people that worked for Provo Craft® - John, Cara, Mike, Shannon, and another gentleman that does designs for them included the images from Summer in Paris™ and the 3-D images for Toy Story! He was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten his name too. Anyway, you read that right- Cara was there so I was able to meet her and just hand her my card! I was so excited.

Just by being around and because the Provo Craft® team is so generous, they gave me some slippers (yes, I now walk around in green Cricut slippers), a t-shirt, a few Cuttlebug™ folders (SOOOO excited!), one of the new quilling sets, and right at the end one of the other guys who I didn't know at all handed me the Daisy Chain Cartridge™!!! SO, it was really an amazing experience.

All that and a lady who won a Gypsy™ (lucky lady) didn't have any other products and wasn't interested in making the investment for the Cricut™ or Cricut Cake™ (I tried to tell her the error of her ways, but alas...) therefore she didn't want the Gypsy™. And my husband who knew my birthday was dawning therefore offered to buy it from her for $100 as it is on sale for $100 at Paper Crafting Pro according to the message boards. She was happy to make $100 off of her win and sold it to us so now I am the proud owner of a Gypsy™ which we have aptly named Franklin as it took a Benjamin Franklin note to secure it!!! I have been playing with it non-stop. I have the Design Studio™, but this is SO much better - I really couldn't believe it until I played with it. Plus, we're a Mac family and Design Studio™ doesn't run on a Mac so we've been harboring this ancient computer just so I could run Design Studio™ - out with the clutter! :)

Whew, this is an epic post so I am going to stop. I wish I got a picture with the Cricut (he was life-size!), but you'll just have to imagine it. Maybe I'll take a picture of my toes in my Cricut slippers and that will have to do. :) Have a wonderful week!


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Tammy said...

Courtney! I LOVE the name of your gypsy AND the story on how you got it! U go girl!! Keep 'Franklin' warm until the update (hopefully tomorrow!)!