Monday, April 21, 2014

New blog! New Facebook Page!

Hey all! I hope you noticed my "new look"! I LOVE it! 

I also set up a Facebook page for Court's Crafts and I keep that super updated with giveaways from the companies I design for or love as well as what I am working on! I would LOVE it if you would go over and "like it" if you feel like it! :)

(Charlotte Rose)

Also, I am packing up a bunch of stuff for another round of giveaways! :) Some of it is BRAND NEW (aka just started shipping to stores a few days ago) and some is older. Stay tuned! :) 

(Emmaline on Easter)



Sharla said...

Your girls are beautiful!! Love the new blog look and I'm following on FB! Fun!! :)

Mom of 2 Monsters said...

Congrats on your new addition. She is gorgeous. Beautiful family.

D- said...

Oh your babies are GORGEOUS!
Enjoy every blessed moment with them.
Crafty hugs,

Anonymous said...

OMGee! Your girls are beauties.

~amy~ said...

Darling girls and I LOVE your new bloggie look! Did you do it yourself?

Houses Built of Cards said...

Your babies are so darling! LOVE these pictures! And your blog design is beautiful! I really should do the same one of these days! Oh - I hopped over and liked your Facebook Page as well! :-)

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Love the new look! Where did you get it done? Beautiful photos too!

Kate said...

The girls are so adorable, I haven't been here in awhile but I can't even believe you know have 2little angels. Time seriously goes by way to fast.

lois said...

Don't I have the MOST beautiful great grandaughters?
Love Gigi