Monday, January 5, 2015

Baby Boy Cards - Camping Collection!?!

Just because certain collections are named "camping" or "fall" doesn't mean they aren't uber versatile! 

Court from Court's Crafts here with two baby boy cards! Two boys were born in my neighborhood within a week of each other. One is here, one passed away. 

John (the boy who passed away) has extraordinary parents. They found out that he had a severe chromosomal defect at 13 weeks of gestation. They decided not to tell anyone and to carry John and trust God. They wanted John's time on this earth to be surrounded by people who were rejoicing and excited and happy for his arrival. This kind of strength - I don't know if I possess it and I pray I am never challenged by it. I had no idea of what they were going to face until after he had passed away. He lived for 3 beautiful hours. Given the parents' wishes I wanted to make a card that wasn't "sympathy" based, but rejoicing in the time this world got to spend with him. 

Did you see the new "chippers"!?! Ugh! awesome! I wanted to show them off!

Doodle twine, how I love thee. Blue and bon bon?! So fun.

Side note: please excuse my squirmy sewing lines... I was bouncing a baby while finishing these cards.. no joke. 

Noah is a beautiful healthy baby boy and their older daughter Faith is about Emmaline's age so our children are close in ages. I am looking forward to becoming very good friends with them! 

I loved inserting the doodle-pops in to substitute for the letters. I though tit brought a fun and quirky side to the cards.

A few of these darling mushroom stickers finished off the card title (does anyone else want mushroom doodle-pops!?! psst. psst. doodlebug, are you listening!?! ;))

Okay, so in case you didn't catch that these cards were made with a mix of both Friendly Forest and Happy Camper! Check them out because they mesh so well together they should be one huge collection! Grab them. Fast. And look at the fish. darling fish. love the fish. 




cebelica said...

Jon's parents really are very strong. Hats off to them!
Both of your cards are gorgeous!
Have a wonderful day! xx

D- said...

Your cards are adorable. Both sets of parents will cherish the cards and the loving care you put into them.
John's parents are in my thoughts and prayers.

DIANA L. said...

Gorgeous cards Court Happy New Year!! Hope you are well.

Yolanda said...

Adorable cards. I love all the details.