Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bunny Favor Box with Lori Whitlock

Hello everyone! Usually I feel SOOO behind leading up to holidays but this cute Easter Bunny Favor Box 2 was too cute to not make! It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a little bit of darlingness to spruce up your Easter baskets, classroom treats, or neighbor gifts this year! These would also be ADORABLE party favors for a bunny themed party!
The tutorial today is how to import into Cricut Design Space. There is a little trick and if you were like me and were really confused why the little black score and cut lines weren't on the object they were supposed to be on - this tutorial is for you!
Alright! Now, one tip I have to say when putting this box together is to score all the lines first on a scoring board. That helps a ton. And don't stress about the "v" parts. They close in beautifully when you pretend to close the box. I adhered my box closed with some sticky backed velcro that I picked up at the fabric store a while ago.
One other tip is the bunny head. You can only attach the bunny's head BELOW the double dotted line on the flap. That way the flap can actually bend and close... ask me how I know.... ;) See that spot where I had to rip off my adhesive!? ;)
Lastly, start with the head and work down as it lines up with the curvature of the top. I started with the body and realized my head wasn't high enough. :)
That's it for me today! I used Lori Whitlock's Celebrate Easter Collection for Echo Park for this card. Isn't it fun!?!!!

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