Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas in July 11-14

This was my favorite set by far because I learned new things in all the projects and it challenged me. I had to make a few changes because I didn't have the materials needed, but all of them came out well.

Challenge #11 - Make your own gift bow.
Who knew it was so easy to make a gift bow? Their tutorial made it so simple! I couldn't believe it. This isn't exactly "Christmas-y", but I really wanted to use this paper! :)

One piece of 6x12" paper - double sided pattern if you have it.
Follow tutorial HERE.

Challenge #12 - Simple Little Luminaries
My grandparents had just given me wax candles that have battery operated lights built into them for my birthday. They even come with a remote! So this was perfect for this challenge because I was able to decorate a "wax" candle with some vinyl that I recycled from the back of a black notebook. I realize now that it's not exactly what they were going for, but I didn't know that at the time and I don't have any vellum. It comes out the same as it is still a luminary. I wish I would have taken a picture of this at night! C'est la vie.

Cartridge: Elegant Cakes
Cut one 10.5" Border 3 (depending on the circumference of your candle)

Challenge #13 - Stationary Set
This was my favorite for sure! I am SO excited about this and as I was planning on giving some monogrammed stationary for Christmas gifts, this will be a PERFECT vessel! You can find the tutorial HERE.

Two 12x12" pieces of your favorite card stock
Cards to put inside of it when you are done!

Challenge #14 - TIn Ornament
I didn't have a round tin to use for this, but I did have a tiny glass jar. This jar is about 1x1" so you can imagine how small the little tree and snowman were that I cut by hand.

The bottom of the jar is a green polka-dotted piece of card stock. I cut the tree and snowman with a little flap behind them that I glued down to make them stand up. Then I dropped some glue in the jar and poured some glitter down and shook it around (that's what it's all about! - hokey pocky theme - I couldn't help myself). Voila! I think it is too cute. Oh, and I tied some ribbon around the top. I can add ribbon to the two sides so that it can hang from the tree. I thought it was a good twist on what they were doing! :)

Of course these were all for the Cuttlebug Challenges!


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Girl you are making Christmas come 2 soon:)
Love all the creative ideas today...SUPER CUTE!