Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ribbon Storage

Well, Tammy over at Creative Critters Cricut Club wanted us to show her our ribbon storage. This is so embarrassing, but here is mine! They are all sideways in a box. I only have one crafting drawer (and another one for just paper) because we live in a studio. So everything has to fit! :)

All the ribbon that you see in the right hand column of the two columns just came yesterday in the mail as a belated birthday present from my friend Aubrey! So she literally doubled my ribbon supply! She also sent some great embellishments, buttons, and some Mod Podge. When I was in college, Aubs used to send me little care packages and she was always so creative! I told her I had caught the creative bug and she sent me this! It was very exciting. Thanks honey and I hope you're enjoying Peru!

The mini album that you can partly see in this picture I won over at Joanna's blog! She is so talented and I use it as inspiration all the time!


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Joanna said...

So funny..i thought that mini looked familiar! lol..if you check out this link, that is what i store my ribbon in..