Friday, July 9, 2010

Hezzy's Wedding Week - Photo Frame

One of my bridesmaids - Heather - whom I call Hezzy or Hezzymae - is getting married on July 10th! My husband and I have been here for a while already (we got here on the 3rd) and have been LOVING Montana. It's so beautiful here.

Heather was my college roomie and we have had so many crazy adventures together - none of which will make it on this blog because girlfriends keep their secrets :).

Anyway, I wanted to do some home made with love presents for her. We were always that way and she is SO crafty that I know she will love them.

First up: an embellished photo frame. I bought this frame at IKEA for $3.99 (not bad!). A little while ago, I had gotten some vinyl from EAD Designs and this was my first attempt at cutting vinyl. After some trial and error, I found that since my blade is older, I put it at a depth of 5, speed of 3 and pressure of 3. It is recommended for a new blade to just have it at 4. Whatever floats your boat! :). This worked perfectly with my little Cricut.

I cut the corners from Storybook™ as well as the "and". The H for Heather and C for Court came from the Gypsy Font™.

I made it so that we could take a picture at the wedding and she can print it out and put it in there. I think it will make for a lovely reminder of the wonderful day we are about to share celebrating the love between her and Aaron.


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