Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hezzy's Wedding Week - Thank you notes

What bride doesn't need thank you notes? I once again stayed within the kraft card stock theme. This time I decided to add a little country yellow.

This was my first time using the Embossing kit from Cricut Cuttables™. Some of this was easier than it looked, other parts were much much harder. Lessons learned: do not cut any object smaller than .25-.5 inches. It will have an incredibly hard time separating and then sticking to the correct sides.

Now, you may be wondering what is smaller than that in my embossed wording - the middle part of the "A" is no bigger than the head of a pin. This was by far the biggest challenge. The three dots for the periods as well as the middle of the R were the other challenges. I used a credit card to help pull apart the letters onto their correct sides. This will make a lot more sense if you had it in front of you. Maybe I will do a video of this because it was so interesting to me. All in all, TOTALLY worth it. I love the effect.

H.A.T. Riley was part of their wedding website name. It stands for Heather, Aaron, and Tucker (their dog). They sign their Christmas cards H.A.T. so I thought I would use that. I played around with a monogram for a while and I think that they are just not monogram kind of people. This, on the other hand, is just their thing. The letters came from the Gypsy Font™ - the shadow feature.

I simply embossed the kraft card stock, cut up some spare off white/light yellow paper, cut up some K&Co. paper, glued them together and added my happy yellow and green ribbon. Then I stamped the inside with my Hero Arts CL272 "Thank you so much". I made white envelopes to go with them and tied them all up in white ribbon. I'm sure they will be useful. :)



Amy said...

These are so cute Court!

NorwayBrowns said...

Courtney, I think your cards are adorable, and if you're taking orders, I need a whole bundle of Thank You cards. You just can't find them easily in Norway, and I don't have the time, creativity, or cute craft stockpile to make anything happen at home. I'm serious--you can name your price--I need 20-30. This is Han's cousin Leo's wife, Kristi, BTW. I have you to thank for helping steer Leo away from bad baby names when we were expecting Julia. KB650atbyudotnet

Angela Mclean said...

Thanks for the info on the embossing folders! Angela xxx.