Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Moo!


This is one of those cards that looks better in your head then it comes out on paper. 

I really liked the idea of having a red fence that the cow was looking over... but the red might be too... red... My husband was making fun of me! haha. But none the less, here is my card. Had I to do it over again, I would have toned it down. But that's why we craft! To make our own creations and to laugh at ourselves! haha.


There are a bunch of samples of the Moo-ey Doodle Kit that the SPS team made over on the Shop Pumpkin Spice blog! Be sure to check them out HERE! :)



Gregsgirl's crafty corner said...

I think it turned out great, the red is fab, so cute!

snappy scrappy said...

I think it's too cute! Lee-Ann :)

Migdalia said...

LOL...can't stop laughing!This is TOO Cute!!

Regina said...

Love this! The cow peeking over the fence is just way too cute! Since I love the color red I think you made a good choice. Brought a big smile to my face.

Chris - Creations in Bloom said...

we crafters are usually too hard on ourselves... I think your card turned out adorable... even with the really red fence. : ) Moo-y good!

Anonymous said...

I think the pregnancy hormone has affected your vision. The red is fantastic and the card is awesome!!


Missy said...

This is adorable Court!! I know what you mean with red is too red....I had that problem trying to match my twine to my paper earlier today on a card!!! ;) However, I think the red you used looks terrific and the cow peeking over is darling!!

Suzanne said...

Hi Court!
I think your card is ADORABLE! I love the POP of's BEAUTIFUL just the way it is! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! :)


lois said...

couldn't be any cuter. Loved your last 3 cards.
xxoo Grammy

artfuldelight said...

I think your card is fabulous!! LOVE it!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I think it's cute, Court! ;)

Just checking in on you...can't wait to meet your precious baby girl!!! Being pregnant during the summer is usually difficult, but I bet it's not that hot there in Carmel (lucky for you!).

Hope you have a quick & easy delivery!

Crafty hugs,


Sew Sweet N Crafty said...

HI Court, I think your card looks moovalous! I like that you went outside the box and did a red fence. I probably would have played it safe and used some old white one. The red is funner.

Sew Sweet N Crafty

Unknown said...

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