Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine Stitched Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I'm not really a big "Valentine's Day" fan. I spent a lot of years alone, lonely, and feeling worse about myself then I should. So while I LOVE to create valentines for all of my girlfriends (I seriously LOVE to make them!!!), I am not really big on celebrating it and spending a whole lot of money. 

When I was a freshman in college, I made valentines and little candy packages for everyone in my dorm and left them outside of their doors. I just think everyone deserves to feel loved!

So my husband and I came up with a Valentine's Day tradition of staying in, ordering a pizza, he brings me a single red rose just to prove he didn't forget, and I GET TO PICK A CHICK FLICK to watch!!! Most of the time I pick an action movie anyway, but this year it's definitely a chick flick. 

PLEASE post here with some of your suggestions!!! I've seen a LOT of them though, so feel free to leave a few responses! :) I'll tell you which one I watched later.

Okay, so here is the last of my valentines this year. I would send one to EACH and EVERY one of you if I could. Please feel loved today!!! I CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!


Come back tomorrow for the My Creative Time Blog Hop and full release!!!!! :) :) :) 



Lezlye said...

Love it Court, some of my favorite papers! I care about you too!

Crafting Katie said...

This is beautiful, Courtney! Happy Valentine's Day! Have fun watching your movie!!!

Saundra said...

So pretty, Court! Love the papers and the sweet way you celebrate. I wish I could suggest something for you but I rarely get to watch Chick Flicks. Enjoy your special time with your Valentine! ~Hugs, Saundra

snappy scrappy said...

So it!! Lee-Ann :)

Kim H said...

Court ~ First of all I LOVE your card!! That blue just makes it pop! Plus I LOVE the paper too ~ along with all the MCT products! Second ~ I TOTALLY agree with your post! I am not a VDay girl either! Bring me flowers and a card on any other day~ that when I know you LOVE me and appreciate me! You are so sweet to do that for all your friends in the dorm!! So many FAVORITE ~ but one is Love Actually!!! Fun but some romance!! I also know I am a tad late too! LOL!

quilt4fun2 said...

I am no help with the chick flicks...guess our tradition is let him pick...usually a good one! I like your Valentine's Day tradition...I cooked and spent way too long cleaning up the grill after. About your card I love the paper and did you die seam binding? It is perfect and brings out the touch of blue in the paper. Great job and hope you had a wonderful Day!
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

GlendaLea said...

Love this

June Houck said...

This card is so pretty! I think I have those papers...OH, I so want to CASE this card :)